My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood


The new literate

Like I’ve said before, I take it easy with Tunmun. Let her play more. Indulge her with hair accessories and nail polish. This list also includes not reading to her regularly and not paying too much attention to her academics.

Tunmun completed her first year in school a month ago. She was the youngest in her class. For the records, her expected birth date was in first week of June but Vibhu desperately wanted the delivery in May so that we could meet the 1st June cut off date for school admissions.

So, she did arrive early on May 23rd and ended up being youngest in her class. With most of the kids being a good 6 months older than her, there was a marked difference in their abilities as three, four year olds.

Tunmun settled and did fine in her school. She caught up in most of the things. However, the Tiger mom in me noticed that she was a little behind ( as compared to what Venky was at her age ).

So, come summer vacation I focussed more on her. Reading more often and making her read with me. Teaching numbers. She surprised us by how quickly she caught up on everything. She is now able to read the Level1 book ( Little Red Hen) and is able to recognize words! Yesterday, we included her in our game of scrabble and she again surprised us by being able to spell a lot of three lettered words!

That’s our Miss T. The new literate coming on the block. Mr. Dad is going fully gaga over his beauty with brains and I am claiming all the credit. 🙂 


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I love summer vacation

Today is the last day of Venky’s school. Tunmun’s last day is already over. Hence I get to laze in the bed with her while Vibhu gets Venky ready for school 🙂 I really was looking forward to summer vacations!! No more early mornings. Yayyy!

After Venky is sent off to school, we go about our morning chores, getting ready for office. Tunmun plays with her Lego blocks in the living room. Vibhu tells me,

“You know, I asked Venky, what will you do at home starting tomorrow..”


“He said, I’ll take care of Tunmun, what else!”

We laugh. Tunmun looks up. She has caught a bit of our conversation.

“Yes! We have to take care, because it is expensive!” She chimes in.

Yes, of course, my priceless chatterbox!

We laugh yet again.

Aaah… What’s better than starting a day with a  lazy wake up and lots of laughter 🙂 Did I say that I love summer vacations?


Tunmunisms # 2

I am lying on the bed and showering my affections on Venky. Tunmun is jumping around all over me. I pay little attention to her.  She is tugging my T-shirt and climbing over my back.  I continue hugging and kissing Venky, not registering her.

“Mamma, Mamma…. “

Her voice gets drowned in Venky’s and my laughter as we continue to play with each other.

Then it comes loud and clear

Ek tho aul bachcha hai tumhale pash!

Translated – “You have one more kid, you know!”

Well, yes Mam. It’s hard to forget with such reminders :p


What’s in a marriage?

Summer holiday is in full swing. There is no compulsion for the kids to sleep early. They are making the most of it. Every night they want a “role play” session once we are on the bed. Tunmun is the one who gets to decide which story. Sometimes it is “The little red riding hood”, or “Jack and the bean stalk” or maybe the “The little red hen.” Yesterday, she chose “The jungle book.”

For the jungle book role play, their dad always gets to be Baloo. After all he is the one with spongy tummy ;). Vibhu was down with cold yesterday, so he refused to let Tunmun (who was now playing Mowgli) sit on his tummy. “Mommy is Baloo today.”, he said. 

I refused to be Baloo. After all, I have already done my share of letting the kids lie in my tummy for 9 months. I am totally done with it. No more sleeping in or on my tummy!

Venky racked his brains, “Okey, mommy is Bagheera then. You can climb on her back Tunmun.”

“No way, I am mother wolf. Come, give me a kissie.” (Mother wolf gets to lick her kids ;))

“No. You will be Bagheera.”

“No. I will be mother wolf.”

“No. Baloo and Bagheera are best friends. You will be Bagheera.”

“How does that matter?”

“Papa is Baloo. You and papa are best friends,so you will be Bagheera.”

I was listening now!

“Who told you we are best friends?”

“I know.”


“That is why the two of you married. Now you become Bagheera.”

Parenting is a tough job. You want to perform well there. In fact you want to excel. But you have no clue of how you are doing. Feedback is none/ limited/ vague. Your bosses are judging you 24X7 but not telling you. And by the time you get your report card, it’s often too late.

These sudden validations are relieving and heartening. Two important points to note here are

1. Venky thinks his parents are best friends.

2. Venky thinks marriage is about friendship.

So, as far as marriage is concerned and more specifically his parents’, we are giving him the right picture 🙂 Phew!


Thoughts and moments

It’s been a while since I posted. Well, blame it on busy life. I’ll try to be regular now. I can’t afford to forget all the cuteness that surrounds my life right now.

On that note, yesterday during bedtime, Venky and his dad were discussing his career options

“I will be a doctor”

“That’s a good option. I can surely benefit from that during old age.”

“Uh… naaah… I’ll be a soldier (doctor is too boring)”


Tunmun chimes in, “I’ll be a Bow Wow.”

Talk about setting hard goals! 🙂

While the Mayan’s Doomsday did not happen, our year ended with a bad cut on Tunmun’s forehead. It was a long and deep cut, so we had to get it sewed. The main torture was the general anesthesia that was given. Already in pain due to cut, she had to go without food or drink for almost 12 hours 😦

As my reputation goes, I do not cry easily. But when Tunmun was taken to the OT to be stitched I broke down. And I suspect Vibhu was wiping his own wet eyes as he strolled outside. Later that evening, when my daughter was back in her spirits I couldn’t help thinking what Nirbhaya’s parents must be going through on seeing their battered daughter.

I always promised myself that my daughter will never realize that once upon a time sons and daughters were brought up differently. But can I really do that? The day steps out on the street, she’ll have to be ready to face some form of sexual harassment. Stares, lewd comments, groping, molestation, rape, death. Brace up because you are a woman and you dared to come out of home. Not that it does not happen within the confines of a home.

The common Indian man is taught to have such low respect for women and their rights that this is not going to get fixed any time soon. The women who protested at mid night in Hyderabad were harassed as soon as they dispersed after the protest.

I remember every single “incident” that happened to me. Thankfully, there were not too many (probably around 10 – yeah, that is not too many in India) and not too major. Mostly something was said, shown or an unwanted brush. The first memory I have of it was when I was 6. And it was well within the confines of my home while my parents and grandmother were there too. My daughter is almost 3 and she spends most of her time without either parents around her. This will be increasingly so. I like to believe that she is protected. But, well.. is she?

So, I was saying that I remember every single incident of sexual harassment that I witnessed. And every time I think of them, my blood still boils. Not to mention the misery that I went through for some days/weeks/months when they happened. And I promised myself that my daughter will face none of this.

I also promised that my daughter will get the freedom she deserves. Now, I often wonder how am I going to keep both the promises.

Coming back to Tunmun’s fall. When Vibhu heard me and his daughter shout, in a bid to come to her rescue soon, he hopped, skipped, jumped and sprained his ankle. During the course of the day, he had to carry her many times for long durations and he did all of that effortlessly.

Finally, when we were home with Tunmun doing fine that he complained of pain. He said that it had never pained during the course of the day. Vibhu’s ankle had swelled and he couldn’t walk properly for next 3 days. I wonder if it was perfect timing, or did his mind block out the pain when his daughter was in need? A dad cannot get more doting than this 🙂

Finally, all is well and we are off on a vacation soon. Will post pics once am back! It’s a long post but well… it’s been a long time and I’ve been writing it for last 3 days.


Bad mom or Bindaas mom ?

Ever since Tunmun has learnt to walk, that is all she wants to do. Usually, after I am back from office, she likes to be outside the house and I let her walk on the colony roads. A couple of days ago, she sat down on the pavement and I took the opportunity to look away and talk to somebody. Tunmun probably tried to pick something from the ground and fell nose-long on the road. The results are here for you to see 😦