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Matter of pride

7th grader. When my son became one last year, he was hit by exams the first time. Typical Indian old school type. Secretly, I was a happy parent. The boy had been having it super easy. Not fair. NOT FAIR. I suffered exams 3 times an year since I was minus nine months old!

Anyways, coming back to Venky. Venky went hyper. He started studying way in advance. Multiple revisions. Gave up play time. So much, that even tiger parents like ours got worried. I sat him down.

Dude, it’s OK. Don’t take so much pressure. You have worked hard. We will not say anything if you don’t top the class or get all As. RELAX. There’ll be many more exams.

Venky looked me in the eye and said,

Meri class mein koyi izzat hai ki nahi?

Battle for respect and pride. I’d rather watch from the sidelines.