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Life in little conversations # 2

Dadu was teasing Tunnu one afternoon after she came back from a swim.

“Tunnu, where did you go?”


“No, I think you went to the beauty parlor. You look so fair!”

Tunnu did not quite like the compliment clubbed with parlor accusation. She insisted that she went for swimming. She also checked with me if she was indeed looking “fairer”. I assured her that she was still the “same old color”.

But Dadu continued his banter. Tunnu got increasingly irritated. It came again on the dining table.

“Tunnu. I am sure you went to the parlor. Else how are you looking so good today?”

Tunnu looked him straight in the eye and asked, “Was I ever bad looking?”

Dadu was rendered speechless and Tunnu got a standing ovation.

Vibhu and I were discussion the title of a kiddie book that we are planning to produce. I made suggestion to which Vibhu replied, ” This word is too heavy. The kids won’t understand it.”

Venky chimed in, “But moms will. They are the ones who will buy the book!”

“Wow, you can already identify the decision maker. That is something that I learnt in my M.B.A.” Vibhu remarked. He was pleasantly surprised.

“Well… yeah.. I have lived with a mom for 10 years, you know!”

Venky has been wanting permission to go and play with his friends in another apartment complex opposite to ours. We have been refusing so far as we do not consider it safe. A number of times all his friends go to play in that complex and he is left behind. A few days back Vibhu and I discussed it and decided to relax the rules. We felt he could play in that apartment complex as long as he was visible from its gate and we (parents) were at home. So, we decided that we could lay down some rules for Venky and lift the ban. I broke the news to him.

“Venky, we think we can let you go to play at Jayadarshini apartments!”

I waited for Venky’s reaction. I was expecting him to start dancing with joy. Instead, he just continued to stare at me expressionless while I kept looking at him expectantly. Finally he said,

“Okeyyy… So, what are the terms and conditions?”

My son knows us too well now! 🙂