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Life in little conversations

Venky wanted to go on a play date. We were reluctant because the friend lived too far. After some discussion we figure out that it is the same kid who never pays attention in the class.

“That kid? He was not listening to the teacher at all when I went for class observation!”  Vibhu exclaimed.
“How can he be your best friend?”

“He has improved,” defended Venky.

“How can he improve in 1 year?”

“Papa, if you saw a caterpillar last year, will you expect him to be a caterpillar this year too? He may have turned into a butterfly!”

Vibhu was speechless! Venky went on his play date the next day.








Approaching adolesence

Well, I started posting @mycity4kids. I felt it has more well knit community for Indian parents. Link to my post from there.