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More Tunmunisms


I have been trying to get miss T into a habit of wearing footwear. My daughter whose shoes cover most of the racks in the shoe shelf is mostly found running around bare foot! I have tried all techniques – lectures, threats, emotional blackmail, confiscation of her favourite shoes, punishment. You name it. Nothing works on Tunmun who continues to conveniently forget her chappals! So, one day she came running down the stairs, you guessed it, barefoot.

“Tunmun! Where are your slippers?” I asked in a stern voice.

“I don’t know!” Tunmun looked at me directly as she made herself comfortable in her fathers lap.

I glared at her. Tunmun met my eyes steadily.

“You asked me a question, I gave you an answer!”


Tunmun has her dad wrapped around her little finger. She says “Papa will feed me.” and lo, there is her father putting spoonfulls in her mouth. “Papa, I am tired!” and papa carries her rest of the way. But there are times when Papa refuses. For instance a request like “Papa, I want a chocolate!” might get a firm no. These are the occasions reserved for her brahmastra threat

I will not show you the universe!

Well, miss T’s dad can see the universe inside her mouth, just like little Krishna.

“Tunmun please show me the universe!” Vibhu requests and Tunmun promptly kisses him and pop opens her mouth. Her dad is able to spot some planets and stars inside.

One fine day, Tunmun declared matter of factly.

“I know that there is no universe inside my mouth!”

“What? Who told you!” asked Vibhu, disappointed that his little daughter is growing up fast.

“I know!” she shrugged.

“Then why do you open your mouth when I ask you to?”

“Because you like it that way!” Tunmun shrugged again.

And hence the duo still go on playing the universe-in-a-mouth, but there is confusion around who is kidding whom! 🙂

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

4 thoughts on “More Tunmunisms

  1. I am on the same page as incident #1 with my 4YO *sigh*

    • Tell me about it. I got a hair cut and was trying to coax miss T into one too. She says, we do not need to have the same hair style, we are not twins, are we? I accept defeat! 🙂

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