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Location: Alaska

It’s a cold rainy day. We were wandering around , halting randomly for views and pictures. We were driving towards the Byron Glacier trail. We had found out that it was an easy trek with the kids and were hoping that the weather will clear up. But that was not to be. It continued to be cloudy and drizzly. We were not sure if the kids were up to it. We were not sure if we were up to it.

“Who wants to go for a trek in this weather?” Asked Vibhu

All of us exchanged looks. Unsure.

“I am game.” Added Vibhu.

“I am game!” Shouted Venky.

“I am game!!” Yelled Tunmun.

“I am game too.” It was my turn to encore.

And thus our adventurous family trekked a mile to the snow in cold and rain. And boy, we made a memory of a lifetime!

Location: Snoqualmie Falls, Redmond

Vibhu is in office. I drive the kids for a picnic day out. Oh yeah, I even cooked fried rice and packed to have a picnic lunch! Kids love the view of the falls from the top and want to trek to the bottom. I don’t want to do that. It is a steep trek. I am worried that if Tunmun gives up on return, I will be in no position to carry her. My adventurous kids continue to insist. I finally relent and we start trekking down. There is jungle on both sides. There is warning about wild animals living in the jungle including the mountain lion.

“Venky see, its not safe!” I point to the notice.

But the kids are not ready to let go of the trek. We make our way down and suddenly there is a ROAAARRRR. Venky is the first one to scream.

“Mommy! Its a lion. I know it! I have heard on it on animal planet!”

He hops, skips and jumps and makes all the way back to the top. I drag Tunmun behind me. I am a little scared too. Tunmun would have made an ideal catch for the mountain lion.

Anyways, we are back and safe. We’ve had enough adventure for the day!

Location: St Lopez Islands, WA

We took a cruise to San Juan Islands. We chose the tiniest and most thinly populated amongst them – the St. Lopez islands. We roamed around in the un inhabited wilderness of the area. You could actually hear the birds chirping crystal clear. What’s more we got to see the sea lions in the wild!

There was an abandoned wooden boat in one of the wilder beaches. It was such a perfect setting for a picture. Venky ran ahead of all of us and jumped inside the boat. Then he started screaming. We ran towards him asking what was wrong. I was worried about snakes and scorpions. Venky just kept screaming. Finally, when his dad made it to him, he calmed down and said that a bee came out from his shoe and had probably bit him.

“Now what will happen papa? Am I going to die in 3 minutes?”

“Well… let’s wait for 3 minutes and see what happens!” Answered the dad.

As for three minutes, they passed without any happenstance. Venky still insists that there are bee varieties whose sting can cause death in 3 minutes. Who am I to challenge him!

Location: Grand Canyon

Tunmun was incredibly excited to see the canyon. She climbed over the rocks and kept jumping with excitement.

“Mommy! I wish I was an ant!!!” Said Tunmun.

“An ant! Why?”

“Then I could climb all the way down to into the canyon!”

Only it would take several lifetimes! 🙂

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

5 thoughts on “Vacation snippets

  1. My, what an adventurous family! Sounds like an awesome vacation!

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