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My little big girl!


Tunmun is officially big now. All of five! A first grader.

Her birthday was celebrated with a small cake in our Alaskan hotel room. She was alright with not have a big birthday bash. Tunmun just enjoyed her USA adventure. She trekked with us, in snow and rain. She climbed the rocks of Grand Canyon, ahead of her brother. She surprised us by her adventurous spirit.

I always thought my girl was girly. She loves her barbies and accessories. She always wants fancy glitter shoes. Always likes to be dressed up in frocks. Strictly prefers her hair long and flowing. Decides her color of nail paint and wants to change them every week. Such girls are not expected to be climbing trees. Adventure is primarily considered a boys thing. Girls who are adventurous (like moi) are the ones who are tomboys. They prefer pants and play outdoors.

When I saw Tunmun race ahead in every adventure, I was delighted. Her confidence and comfort in being herself is so heartening to see. She does not try to fit in into any given mould. She is a girly girl and also a tomboy. She is neither. She is both. She obsesses over Queen Elsa and insists on buying pink Legos.That does not stop her from enjoying the twisty roller coaster. What’s more, she self learnt to cycle and got rid of her trainer wheels! We have no idea of how and when she picked up the balance. We just found her cycling someone else’s bicycle with no side wheels one fine day!

When I was in the engineering college, it was said that the college has only males and non-males. No females. I think we were conditioned to think that if wanted to have careers like men, we should be like them. I am not sure if we deliberately imitated them or if the psychology played in our subconscious mind, but we did try to be not bothered about our clothes and earrings. We never had nail paints and never visited beauty parlors. We shunned the girly stuff hoping it will make great professionals out of us.

My daughter’s ease with self and surety about what she wants is exhilarating. She is the girl who climbs trees in her shiny dress and glittery shoes. She does not shun her identity to do things that she likes to do. She just picks and choses what she wants from the complete spectrum.  In her I find the little girl, I would like to be!

The uninhibited next generation girls are coming up. I so hope the world is ready for them!

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

2 thoughts on “My little big girl!

  1. I can’t believe I missed Miss T’s birthday! What a lovely post you’ve written. I can picture her climbing trees wearing a sparkly frock 🙂

    Belated hugs to her from her namesake aunty. And a high five to the mama for raising such a spirited child!

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