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The Birthday is back again


Venky’s grandparents get the Hindi edition of news paper at home. The news paper carried a picture of a hooded snake with an article for the superstitious –  the Goddess Laxmi will come to those who see a hooded snake.

Venky offers an explanation of how one who sees a hooded snake will get rich.

“The snake is standing fanning its hood so it is angry. It will bite the person. The person will die. Hence he will get life insurance and become rich!”

That’s my logical little boy who turned 8 a while back.

Dear Venky,

You drive us nuts with your energy and inability to relax. “Run till you drop asleep!” is your mantra. Essentials of life like eating, sleeping, brushing and even visiting the restroom is a waste of time for you. Consider this,

“Mommy can I watch the Lego movie tonight?”

“Yes, only if you take a nap in the afternoon.”

“OK. I will.”

Venky comes back after 5 minutes.

“Leave it. It’s too hard. I will not watch the movie!”

You are lean and fast and agile. You enjoy outdoors and physical activity ( I should be thankful for that in this time and age!). I being the evil mom have totally banned the video games for you. You do have your friends’ sympathies for that!

You have been devouring books. The house is full of Geronimo Stiltons, Diary of Wimpy Kids and Enid Blytons. I am glad that you love books to the extent of even reading encyclopedias. You have lately started picking up the news paper too.

You continue to champion maths. You’ve been cracking probability questions off late. I hope you maintain your edge. You love for playing is so much that it is hard to catch you for studies! But I am an evil mom and you know it! 🙂

You show a lot of maturity for your age. Perhaps having a younger sibling helps. Your sister treats you like a third parent, taking you for granted. And you indulge her in spite of being just 3 years older.  You are a sensitive little boy. Our scoldings often put you in tears. You are simple at heart so it is easy to pacify you back :).

Your birthday this year was a small, family affair with your Mama’s wedding over shadowing it. But you played a sport and were just happy to cut a cake and collect cash for gifts ( I  should mention here that you had negotiated with me to convert it all into dollars for our upcoming vacation in USA ).

Conversations have become interesting with you and arguments difficult. And I was hoping you will be the easier one during the teenage! 🙂 I know I’ll be there soon before I realize it!

Have fun my little boy, with books and games and maths problems and vacations. May I mention again – NO GADGETS! :p

Lots and lots of love and kisses ( before you put your foot down against it)

Mommy 🙂

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

2 thoughts on “The Birthday is back again

  1. Happy Birthday Venky! It’s a joy to read about you grow up. Sometimes, you feel like a fast-forwarded version of my own little Chotu and it feels so nice to read the things you learn and the funny things you say.

    ❤ from a virtual aunty who reads mama's blog… 🙂

    • Thanks SB. Its funny how some virtual aunties know him and his mumma more than real aunties 🙂 I am glad you have been here for almost as long as Venky 🙂

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