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When Venky gets invited to a birthday party, he is a stickler for time. He wants to get to the party as soon as he can. As a result, he often ends up being the first guest. A couple of times, we have also arrived the venue before the hosts have.

Today, the kids got invited to a birthday within the colony. The invite card said 4pm – 6pm. Venky as usual insisted on going to the party at 4 pm.

“You will go at 4.30 pm.” I declared.

“Why? The party starts at 4.”

“Because no one arrives so soon. Sometimes the hosts are also not ready.”

“But the card says 4 pm.”

“But this is India. No one comes at the given time. The hosts also mean 4.30 when they say 4.”

“How do you know they mean 4.30?”

“Venky, you are always the first guest. Remember the last party? You arrived before the hosts!”

“But they arrived within the next 5 minutes!”

“Venky, you will go at 4.30. That is it!” I was getting frustrated with the argument.

“That is not fair mommy!”

“Venky, No one will come at four!”

“Alright, then I will go as soon as I see other kids going!”

“Alright, do one thing. Get ready at 4 and stand with your gift in the balcony. As soon as you see the first child going, RUN!” I was thoroughly irritated.

“You only say that we should be punctual and respect time!” Venky said in a small voice. He understood the sarcasm.

“Well, this is India. This is how it works, especially in Hyderabad!” I softened.

“Don’t you say that if no one does the right thing first, how will others follow and how will things change. Some one has to start!”

I was speechless. It was my word against mine! I accepted defeat. Venky went to the birthday party at 4.

For the record, this is the first time a holder of Y chromosome has out witted me ;). Thankfully it’s my son!

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

4 thoughts on “Defeated

  1. lol!! But he has a point. Every change matters and every punctual kid also 🙂

  2. Wow! This is super duper awesome. Such clarity and conviction at his age? I feel ashamed of myself 😉

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