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Fashion Sense


I am a what you would call a ‘jhalli’. My favorite attire is jeans and T shirt. When I try to dress up, I start looking stupid. But not my daughter! She cannot wait to grow up because she knows that then she can do what she wants. So, most of our mall trips are spluttered with questions like,

“Mamma, can I have shoes like that girl when I grow up?”

I take a look. The shoe in question is invariably a high heeled one. I want to say “No way!”, but I bite my tongue.

“Of course sweetheart. But high heeled shoes are bad for health and legs.” I try to deter her.

“But I love them!”

I sigh and postpone worrying about it till she grows up.

“Mamma, can I have bags like these when I grow up?”

“Of course sweetheart!” Bags are harmless, except for the price tags they carry.

“Mamma, why don’t you have a bag?”

“Uh, because I like to be hands free.” I usually have a wallet in my jeans.

“Mamma, you have a boy’s purse. It is so funny. Hee hee.”

Then, there are negotiations on her hair. She wants to keep it open. I insist on tying them so that they do not keep falling into her eyes. There was an engagement ceremony in the family recently, and people pampered her with kajal, blusher etc. She was allowed to keep her hair loose through the day. The next day, she negotiated tough with me to keep her hair open but I put my foot down.

“Alright Mamma, but can you at least put kajal for me?”, asked Tunmun in a small voice.

I agreed and sealed the deal.

So here is my daughter, who recently enlightened me on how girls do “fashion”


And how boy’s do “fashion”


Then her brother tried to compete with her.


Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

2 thoughts on “Fashion Sense

  1. 🙂 So cute! Those little ponytails!!

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