My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood



Did you know that Kakapos are nocturnal parrots that live in New Zealand? They are endangered species and only about 100 are left.

Did you know that an octopus has three hearts?

Did you know that the male sea horses get pregnant instead of females?

Did you know that the biggest anaconda is about 10 meters long? Anacondas take hours to digest their even small preys like possums.

Did you know that the basilisk lizard can walk on water? Literally, with two legs!

Did you know that if you cut a star fish’s limb, it can grow back? Sometimes two instead of one! Then it becomes a six sided star fish.

Did you know that jelly fish has no brains and no eyes? But boy, it survives!

Did you know that if you have a seven year old in your house, you get to know all of the above ?

Here’s the reason number 374646838 in favor of parenthood. You become smarter!!! 🙂


Chitter Chatter

Tunmun had to do a school project over the weekend. Venky and Vibhu helped her build a tree house model. Once it was done, bits of paper and twigs lay around our living room. I asked Tunmun and Venky to clean up.

“Cleaning up is a part of the project!”, I reprimanded.

“Why are you not asking Papa to clean up?” Venky protested.

“Because he already helped you make the tree house. Now the two of you should clean up!”

“Mommy, just because he is your husband, you cannot be partial to him. This is unfair!” 🙂

Well, so I had to offer to help them clean up. Miss Tunmun slyly wandered away leaving me and Venky to do the job. She came back with a packet of hair bands.

“Whose are these, Mamma?” She asked excitedly.

“Tunmun! I have asked you not to open my drawers so many times.”

“But whose are these?”

“They are mine! Now go and put them back!” I was very cross.

Tunmun stared at me for a while.

“It can be anybody’s Mamma. But if you want your baby to be happy then you should give it to her!”

Mamma forgot being cross! 🙂

Meanwhile, Venky was picking up the bits of paper and getting frustrated.

“Tunmun! I am wondering how to make you clean up!” Venky said.

“Easy! Give me a chocolate!” Pat came the reply.

Weekends spent at home are becoming more and more interesting!!!