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Memoirs of my mommyhood

My little daughter @ 4


I am driving the car. Tunmun and her dadi are behind me. I try to use the time to quiz her.

“Tunmun, what is the first letter of CAR?”

“K…k…, it is C!”

“Correct! What is the first letter of ROAD?”

“Ro.. ro…Uh!”

“Yes, you are in the right direction. What is it?”

“Yeh mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai!!!”

That’s my girl who turned four on 23rd May. The one who has an answer to everything. An answer that will render you speechless.

My darling little girl has brought color to our home. Literally. And that color is pink. So pink was the color of her birthday balloons, birthday cake, her outfit, my outfit and even her dad’s and brother’s outfit who enthusiastically participated in the color fiesta. Her birthday had 3 more barbies added to the collection. She has added soft toys and dolls to the sword and guns of our house.

Tunmun is the fashionista. She cooperated quietly in getting dressed up for her birthday for full half an hour. That’s an achievement for a kid of this age. She insists on choosing her clothes for the day. She also chooses the hairstyle of the day. She wants kaale, ghane, sundar baal. I have cunningly told her that getting hair oiled frequently and keeping them plaited will result in long, flowing hair (showing the model on the oil bottle).

Tunmun displays her affection generously. With hugs and kisses. With words like “Mamma you are so nice…”  With cuddles before and after bedtime.

But do not mistake my “girlie” girl for “homely” 🙂 She’s headstrong and unrelenting. She’s not afraid of my threats. It’s a challenge to make her do something against her wish. A challenge that I end up losing most of the times – especially when she has two knights in shining armors at home. She’s a naughty little girl with spring in her feet.

My daughter, she is the sunshine that lights our home and warm our hearts.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

5 thoughts on “My little daughter @ 4

  1. this current generation of girls gives me so much hope. They’re more sorted out at 4 than I am at 31. Lots of Good wished to lil ms t 🙂

  2. Happy wala b’day T, girls do bring in sunshine to our homes 🙂

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