My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood



Vibhu had a BYOC (Bring your child to work) day at office. Both the kids had a blast and came back with goodies. Today, in the morning she was playing with the colors that they received from there. Vibhu announced,

“Now, both of you have the same things. So, you do not need to fight!”

“The other one is mine!” Tunmun announced back.

“Then why are you playing with this one?” asked Vibhu.

“Because Bhaiya is a sharing boy!” said Tunmun with a shrug and got back to coloring.

Beat that!


The new literate

Like I’ve said before, I take it easy with Tunmun. Let her play more. Indulge her with hair accessories and nail polish. This list also includes not reading to her regularly and not paying too much attention to her academics.

Tunmun completed her first year in school a month ago. She was the youngest in her class. For the records, her expected birth date was in first week of June but Vibhu desperately wanted the delivery in May so that we could meet the 1st June cut off date for school admissions.

So, she did arrive early on May 23rd and ended up being youngest in her class. With most of the kids being a good 6 months older than her, there was a marked difference in their abilities as three, four year olds.

Tunmun settled and did fine in her school. She caught up in most of the things. However, the Tiger mom in me noticed that she was a little behind ( as compared to what Venky was at her age ).

So, come summer vacation I focussed more on her. Reading more often and making her read with me. Teaching numbers. She surprised us by how quickly she caught up on everything. She is now able to read the Level1 book ( Little Red Hen) and is able to recognize words! Yesterday, we included her in our game of scrabble and she again surprised us by being able to spell a lot of three lettered words!

That’s our Miss T. The new literate coming on the block. Mr. Dad is going fully gaga over his beauty with brains and I am claiming all the credit. 🙂