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My Birthday Boy


Annnnd… Venky is seven!!! Just like that. In a blink of my eye.

So, what’s new with my boy this year? I’ll have to think hard because I really did just bat my eyelid and he turned seven from six!

Ok, now I have read the last birthday post and I can tell the difference. You have become a NERD this year. You have managed to add four encyclopedias to your bookshelf. Yup! The last one was a birthday gift today and to set the records straight – you chose it over other books in the book shop. While I am happy to have a geeky kid, they do have their side effects ūüôā

You are responsible, sharing and simple. A “seedha bachcha” as they say. ¬†You always give up your window seat for your sister on the school bus. You step up to console and pacify her when she’s been reprimanded by me. And yes, sibling rivalry remains unheard of in my home. I take all your niceness for granted dear son, till I get to interact with other kids of your age.¬†When they throw tantrum over having a toy or demand their parent’s attention over their sibling. That is the time when I appreciate the gem you are. That feeling lasts a total of full five minutes :p

Then I see you running. Running all over. Because sitting is sin for you. And your sister running after or before you. Then you get yelled at because I get worried about Tunmun falling down. You sit for full five minutes and then you are back to running again.  Mr high energy is still difficult to be sat down. Unless the offer is a tab, cartoon or book.

You are adventurous. You love outdoors, water and rides. But you are sensible enough to follow the rules laid down by us. You have become totally self-reliant and we are hands free parents as far as your are concerned. You are also extremely¬†understanding and adjusting.¬†You understand the value of money and can be talked out of ‘expensive’ things. You understand that your sister is younger and usually give up things for/ to her.¬†You understand when your father is in US and not present for your birthday. You understand when your mother reschedules the Rio2 show she promised on your birthday to some other day because of show’s new timing conflicting with her office timing.

Dear Venky, I have already started feeling that my time with you is running out fast. On one hand I love this mature big kid of mine, on the other I don’t want you to grow up anymore. That said, my life is beautiful this very moment because of you. I guess I must have done something really good to deserve a child like you.

Before I bat my eyelid again, let me wish you a very happy birthday. Stay the way you are. Simple, smart and energetic.

Love you.


Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

4 thoughts on “My Birthday Boy

  1. Seven? Already? Happy Birthday!

  2. loved the picture… kids grow up so fast! Happy B’day Venky!

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