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Padhaku Bachche ke side effects


Lights out at 8.15 pm. Next 15 – 20 minutes is the time when the kids talk about whatever is on their mind before they drift off to sleep. Yesterday, the conversation flowed like this,

“Papa, Men have sperms and Women have eggs.”

“Who told you!?”

“Sperms cannot live in the air.”

“Who told you!!?”

“When the sperm meets the egg, baby is made.”

“Who told you !!!?”

Tunmun starts to speak something and I shoo her down. I am curious about how much Venky knows. I am more curious about what Vibhu is going to answer. Silently, I am thankful that Vibhu is on the firing line.

“Actually, when it meets a tiny thing is formed first. It’s called .. emb.. emb..”


“Yes, embryo. That grows into a baby.”


“I read it in my encyclopedia Papa.”


“So, the sperm is in the man and egg in the woman. How do they meet?”

“Uh… there are techniques….”

Tunmun decides at that point that she has had enough of being sidelined. She interrupts her father and he readily switches his attention to her. Venky gets distracted too. As Tunmun blabbers her own story, Vibhu looks at me and says,

F1. F1.”

Dear netizens, please F1. I am looking for appropriate answers to give to a 7 year old. Also, if you see your child with his/her nose into a science encyclopedia, well.. better be prepared for the “birds and bees” questions coming your way.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

6 thoughts on “Padhaku Bachche ke side effects

  1. I can’t stop laughing despite the parent’s situation 😛 . You guys are raising geniuses.

  2. I thought and thought about this on my drive home. The best answer I have is… when a man and woman want to have a baby they put the sperm and egg together. Then the woman carries thr embryo till it becomes a baby.

    Maybe show him “march of the penguins” to show how the egg gets transferred and a chick comes out? Same same for people. Just a little bit different 😉

    Of course this is in case the question comes up again. Hope that doesn’t happen soon!

    • Hopefully, the question will not pop back soon. But I better be prepared. I was thinking something like … “it’s a complicated process. You’ll need to grow up a little more to understand it” ? 🙂

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