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Twenty Questions

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Venky, tired after a whole day’s play which included a swimming session slept off early.

Tunmun had slept for three hours in the afternoon and was at her chirpy best even after the lights out.

“Mamma, Papa there was that orange color thing that we ate in Australia, I want to eat it again.”

“What orange color thing?”

“It was orange in color, it had light curve and a tail.”

“Peaches, plums?”

“No, no. It had light curve and a tail.” Tunmun made a curve in the air to explain.

“Cherries?” I said making a wild guess and assuming she is not explaining herself too well

“Cherries are black in color Mamma!”

Vibhu and I racked our brains. She was probably imagining something or confusing Australia for some other place

“Tunmun, what was it? Fruit or vegetable?”

“It was junk food. But not so junk, like vegetable.”

“Some kind of ice cream?”

“Ha ha ha Mamma. I said we ate it in Australia, not in Mc Donalds!”

“What did it taste like, sweet, sour?”

“Sweet, but not sooo sweet!”

Now Vibhu and I started taking random guesses


“Nooo.. orange color!”


“Orange color Mamma, not orange!”

“I have no clue.” said Vibhu

“Me too!.”

“Tunmun tell us more, did we buy it in a shop or did we cook it at home?” asked Vibhu

“We bought it and then Mamma cooked it at home.”

Suddenly it dawned on me



“Prawns, you like prawns???”

“Yes Mamma. It was very tasty.”

We realized she had explained it perfectly

“Orange, light curve with a tail!”

But we had taken so long to guess! 🙂

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

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