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Memoirs of my mommyhood

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Life’s Good!

“Venky, how’s life?”

“It’s great. I got my new gun. I lost three of it’s five bullets. Then I found them all. What more can I ask for?”

That is all a 6 year old boy needs from life. A nerf gun and it’s five bulllets.

Venky did add as an afterthought,

“Also, everybody loves me.”


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One of those days…

When Tunmun keeps her food in her mouth without chewing it. She gets shouted at by Vibhu. She hits him. Gets punished. Cries and spits whatever is in her mouth. The breakfast remains as is and it’s time for the school bus to arrive.

I insist Venky eats his breakfast himself. Even after constant reminders he eats slowly. It’s almost time for bus and he has quite a bit left. I leave with Tunmun and tell him he cannot leave without finishing. He probably gobbles it up. Comes running behind us. Throws up on the road even before he catches up with us. 

We barely reach the bus stop and the bus arrives. Venky and Tunmun board the bus in a hurry. They strain their necks from their seats. As the bus leaves, they wave at us – smiling.

Vibhu and I walk back in silence.

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Mom from a 3 year old’s point of view

Vibhu – “Is your Mamma beautiful ?”

Tunmun – “Yes”

“Who is more beautiful than your Mamma?”

“No one.”

“She is the most beautiful?”


“Do you like her?”

“I love her.”

“Why do you love her?”

“Because she loves me.”

At this point Vibhu and I look at each other in wonder. The answers were far more profound than one would have expected. But there was more to come.

“What do you like the best in her face? Her eyes, lips…?”


I am never going to get over this conversation. 🙂