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Tiger Mom


I never thought I would be one. I never hurried to teach my kids letters, much less writing them. I have put them in the new age, low – pressure school. I always believed in letting them be. More into playing, than studies.

Slowly, we started realizing that Venky is good in maths. We gave him questions that were beyond his age and he cracked them. So, we upped the level, he cracked them too. So we upped the level again.

Through his summer vacation, we gave him maths problems to solve while we were in office. Venky did pretty well and again surprised us by solving relative speed questions!

School started a month back, so that rhythm got broken. Now he comes back from school, keeps playing till 7. After that, it is pretty much dinner and bed time. So, when I gave him some maths problems to solve a few days ago, he was neither willing to do them nor he could figure them out.

I goaded him. These were the questions he was solving easily during his vacations. I gave him hints. None of them seemed to work. I found myself getting frustrated and yelling at him. Finally, he did solve the sums, but he was on the verge of crying.

Hence, introspection time. My child already has advanced skills. When he showed a little regression from there, it frustrated me. Now, I have slotted 1 hour everyday as problem solving time for him. This means he has to cut his play time (not too much though, just half an hour from his 3 hr play time 🙂 )

But the point is, I am NOT the laid back mom I imagined myself to be. I am pushing my child to excel and maintain his lead. When I look inside more, I having been doing that in other fields too. Like, always reading books higher than his level to him. Like, pushing him to go for swimming classes without fail. And I do secretly feel proud when he does well in the above.

So, I am the typical Asian Tiger Mom after all. My kids are set up for a hard time, and I have an evil grin on my face.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

8 thoughts on “Tiger Mom

  1. This proves the theory of Asian Tiger Mom 🙂 Sharing the evil grin because I know I would be the same somewhere, its difficult for me to let go of things that way.

  2. what’s wrong with helping your kids realize their potential? I’m already a tiger mom. chotu pointed to the fan correctly and I ended up teaching him light, tree, car, crib, and a lot more. in fact his dad – the engineer – taught him capacitor and wire on an old circuit board.

    BUT only if the kid is having fun and you’re not pressurizing them or pushing them beyond what they’re capable of. AND I would never dream of forcing my preferences on him. he can be anything he wants.

    on the other hand, baby Einstein any structured program for IIT below 10th std makes me want to puke. I guess I’m all for learning but against pushing kids towards fixed goals…

    good that you’re a tiger mom. share tips! 🙂

  3. I guess I’m that Asian Tiger mom too, though I don’t force do in actual terms but secretly I think I push C to challenge her limits, I know she’s got a fantastic memory and she can recite everything that she has heard for not more than 2 times… sanksrit sholkas or alphabets or poems or songs.. or even the things I keep telling her 😀 she repeats with the same actions, tone and expressions 🙂

    when I see this I feel proud and I feel she should learn more, do this and do that !

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