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Tunmunism # 1

Tunmun finds a candy just before her breakfast. I run after her and try to snatch it. 

“Tunmun, you have to have your breakfast right now. You cannot eat that candy.”

“I’ll eat it later Mamma.”

I sigh and let her be and start doing some chores.

“Mommy, Tunmun is eating candy!!!” shouts Venky.

I come back into the room to find she is indeed eating the candy and trying to hide with a guilty look on her face.

TUNMUN! Didn’t I tell you not to eat candy right now? You said you were going to eat it later. You big fat liar! Why did you lie? Tell me, tell me. Didn’t you say you’ll have it later, didn’t you???”

I yell at her for full five minutes. She hears me out. Then she watches me silently for the next five minutes. Finally, she says, 

“I meant the breakfast.”


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Three years

I have second child syndrome with Tunmun. This half composed post has been sitting in my drafts for three weeks. 😦 But today, it’s gonna make it!!

3 years ago a little cuddly bundle was handed over to me. Three years of miss T. I remember my facebook wall being flooded with “Family complete” messages. That is what you did sweetheart. You really completed us. You have ensured we missed nothing in parenthood. The exact mutual exclusion of Venky 🙂

I took it easy with you. I fed you only when you cried – no 2 hour alarms were set and hey, you turned out to be more chubby!  Like your brother, you were born in the peak of summer too. This time around we did not switch off the AC and hey, you slept like a baby! I did not fuss over what and when you ate, and hey, you always went after food yourself at the right time.

You gave me a stress free baby hood. The one that I thoroughly enjoyed. The one that I have already started missing. I never waited for you to grow up. I  want you to never grow up.

You, my girl is the one who has to have it her way. Every one gives in , except your mother. Your dad had openly declared that he cannot refuse you anything. Most of the explanation from your care givers are “she would not let us” (like if you are wearing a complete mis match of clothes). Only I have the guts to refuse you. But well madame, after all I am your MOM! 😀

You are my chatter box. You give a complete account of what has happened during the day when I am back from office. Now your brother cannot cheat on me , heh heh!

You love your dolls. You love your dresses. You love your shoes ( you already outnumber me there). You love nail paints. You love mehndi. You want your ears pierced so that you can wear ear rings. 🙂

You are the little girl I never was. You are the little girl I always wanted. I simply cannot stop obsessing over you. Love you my chotu bachcha!