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Memoirs of my mommyhood

Mother’s day


FIL underwent a surgery over the weekend. The day was hectic and needless to say, I did not remember that it was mother’s day. I never do. Our generation has not grown up on mother’s day.

Somewhere during the course of the day when FIL was finally shifted to his room, our minds eased a little. Vibhu reminded Venky that it was mother’s day. He offered to take him shopping for a gift for me in exchange for points. Well, Venky had a better idea – he promised 10 good night kisses everyday as a mother’s day gift and I was more than happy !

Later in the evening Venky and Tunmun made a card. Basically , their new found obsession  – paper boat, stuck on a paper and decorated and colored 🙂 When I found some time later, I made my weekly call to my mother. She said “I was waiting the whole day for you and your brother to call. Today is mother’s day!” Really? I was taken by surprise. My mom, who lives in a small Indian town was waiting for a greeting on American Mother’s Day? And why not? I thought. While I did not care too much about this day myself, my kid’s card did lift my spirits. Oh yes, mothers are important, all of us know. And are loved, we know that too. But it’s always nice to be reminded and appreciated once in a while.

So, this post is for you dear Ma. We are poles apart. You, the quintessential , sacrificing Indian woman who selflessly puts her family before herself and follows the rules of patriarchy. I, who was always branded selfish and am proudly so.

After years of thinking there was nothing common between you and me, a mausi of mine said  “How do manage with two kids and full time career and no real support system (read grand parents)? You really are your mom’s daughter!”  That struck home. It WAS true. My strength and will power to fight the system comes from your strength and will power to follow and manage in spite of the system. That STRONG gene is yours!!! It just got used differently 😉

Dear Ma, I truly learned to appreciate you after I became a mother myself.  As my kids grow, I discover my traits that are yours. Now, I can hold long conversations with you and for the first time after kids I see myself nodding at what you say and I realize that I am more you than papa. 

So, thank you Ma and thank you kids for giving my relationship with Ma a makeover!

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

3 thoughts on “Mother’s day

  1. Loved the last three paras 🙂 I had underwent same realisations once I got married that how similar I m to my mom 🙂

    • Yes , I guess till that point we were in such different phases of life that it is difficult to connect. We have only seen the “family” avataar of our moms and till we get married and / or become mothers we don’t tune into that :). It’s wonderful to rediscover the relationship

  2. You’re sooo right! I never realized how much motherhood changes you. It’s not just about having a baby. Your whole priorities and outlook towards life change. I thought it was a general dialogue when my parents would say “When you have kids, you’ll understand” but yes, I do understand now that I’m a mom. 🙂

    Hope your FIL is doing fine.

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