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Follow up


Project is in full swing. I often check mails from home. Some times I pull up my laptop and do a bit of work if required. All this, while I am hanging around the kids and participating in their activities. As expected, I am not really paying too much attention to what they are doing.

Vibhu – “Kitna kaam kar rahi ho yaar!”

Venky – “Mommy, what is more important, work or kids?”

I – “Arre, didn’t you say that I should work and not stay at home to take care of you?”

Venky – “But why are you working when you ARE home?” 

Kindly suggest some smart answers.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

10 thoughts on “Follow up

  1. At a loss for words there 🙂

    Funny how it can’t be the other way round, eh? You can’t be at home when you’re in office…but you can be at work when you’re at home. Someone should figure this one out!

    • 🙂 Actually, I do quite a bit of “home” work while in office too. Like taking care of bills etc. Plus I drop out during lunch time to pick up my daughter from school. So, it’s both ways for me.

  2. Let me know what you answered so that I can copy paste this 😉

  3. Say like you get homework I get Office work 😛 Don’t know would help with a smart kid like Venky but that what comes to my head 😛

  4. no answer that would make sense to a kid…. can you plead backache and return the laptop? I know of a lot of people who never take one. if there’s a fire, there’s always a phone… this is of course, assuming you are like me and don’t like working from home.

    • I don’t often do that. But like I blogged, I do want a steady career progess even if end is not boardroom meetings. And that does require me to work a little from home on some days. The brat doesn’t spare me a look when am back from office and needs to be dragged home after sundown. And look at his nerves! 🙂

      • that’s true. I think kids need to know you’re on stand-by. they don’t exactly need you but it makes them feel better knowing you’re available. that’s my theory…

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