My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood



Six, six, six, six ….. I have to keep repeating this number to make myself believe that you have indeed been around for that long. Haven’t you grown up a little too fast? From my little, restless bundle of energy to a quiet, responsible, sincere kid.

Yes sweetheart, you have changed this year. You have matured in more ways than one. You are happy to help out when your mom is shifting rooms and spring cleaning. And well, I was surprised that you noticed that I arranged your bookshelf and what’s more, appreciated it too!

Now, you prefer to be with your friends over us. The sphere of external influence is increasing and you throw some surprises and some shockers at us.

You not only know what Gangnam style is, you can even dance to it. I bet we have never shown you the video or even mentioned it ever.

The other day when we were discussing that some one we knew was getting married, your question was “Is it an arranged marriage or a love marriage?” ! Well, I think I better start preparing the answer for when you will pop the question on us!

You can understand and crack jokes now.

“When a snake bites, you should tie a rope or cloth above it and cut the vein where it has bitten so that the poison does not spread.”, Venky tells me.


“So, if you do not find anything to tie what will you do?”


“Tie the snake.” 🙂

You learn with sincerity. Be it english, maths or swimming. You make all your effort. You give your 100%. Your maths skills remain quite advanced and you have us dreaming of sending you to Ivy League schools and making it big in the tech world.

But my dear son, I want you to know and remember that you reserve the rights to give up our dreams for the sake of yours. We may be upset; please point us to this blog then. You have the right to think differently from ours, have different goals and aspirations. And you have the rights to follow them. But then, we reserve the rights to try to convince you to our point of view 😉 I want you to remember dear Venky that you do not owe us meeting our expectations. We are blessed to have you just the way you are. Just the way you are. And we have to become the parents of the person you are. Not that it is easy with your high energy and fussy eating :p


Love you lots, my little-big boy.



Tunmun can draw!

She can make a stick figure at two months short of three !


She had made great progess with fine motor skills. We often say that she can pull a thread through a needle!





Follow up

Project is in full swing. I often check mails from home. Some times I pull up my laptop and do a bit of work if required. All this, while I am hanging around the kids and participating in their activities. As expected, I am not really paying too much attention to what they are doing.

Vibhu – “Kitna kaam kar rahi ho yaar!”

Venky – “Mommy, what is more important, work or kids?”

I – “Arre, didn’t you say that I should work and not stay at home to take care of you?”

Venky – “But why are you working when you ARE home?” 

Kindly suggest some smart answers.


He said it

Sometimes I ask Venky if I should quit work and stay at home to take care of him. The answer is always a big resounding NO.

A few days ago, I popped up the same question to hear back the same answer. 

“Why not? Your friends X and Y’s moms stay at home.” (Most of the moms in my colony at SAHMs)

“What will you do at home, mommy?”

“What ever they do. Cook for you. Take care of you.”

“Mommy, is it necessary that all people have to be the same? Why can one not be different?”

I was rendered quite speechless by the profoundness of his statement. He could have asked the whole world that. I couldn’t help not feeling joy and pride at my son’s understanding and acceptance of differences, more so when his mother was concerned. 

Way to go, my little philosopher! 🙂