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Memoirs of my mommyhood

Putting to sleep


All mothers know what a tough task that is. You have sing, rock, walk with the baby and when they grow older, you have to start calming down the little bundle of energies. You have to pat, cuddle,caress, tell stories, put the light out, feign sleep … the list goes on.

So Tunmun likes to cozy up and sleep in body warmth. A lot of times I sleep off before her and then she tugs me and cuddles up.

Yesterday, we were following our sleep routine. I was very sleepy and Tunmun was not. I was desperately trying to make her sleep. She was singing her newly learnt rhymes and in the process rolling all over the bed. I pulled her into myself to cozy her up hoping that would induce sleep.

“I am here only mommy.” She said. She caressed my hair and patted me. From her point of view, it was I who needed to be cuddled to be put to sleep.

And I did. She was not all that wrong! 🙂

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

7 thoughts on “Putting to sleep

  1. Awww! love this post 🙂

    • A peek into your future, I’d say 🙂

      • You know, we’re already ready to fall asleep before Chotu even closes his eyes for the first time. There are so many days when I just walk up and down with Chotu in my arms singing songs and the person keeping me company will either fall asleep or if awake will request their favourite songs and then fall asleep. Chotu of course, will decide to wake up the moment the song ends or I put him down on the bed or in the crib…

  2. I wud say role reversal. Cute post 🙂

  3. and it’s the best feeling, ain’t it? 🙂

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