My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood


Putting to sleep

All mothers know what a tough task that is. You have sing, rock, walk with the baby and when they grow older, you have to start calming down the little bundle of energies. You have to pat, cuddle,caress, tell stories, put the light out, feign sleep … the list goes on.

So Tunmun likes to cozy up and sleep in body warmth. A lot of times I sleep off before her and then she tugs me and cuddles up.

Yesterday, we were following our sleep routine. I was very sleepy and Tunmun was not. I was desperately trying to make her sleep. She was singing her newly learnt rhymes and in the process rolling all over the bed. I pulled her into myself to cozy her up hoping that would induce sleep.

“I am here only mommy.” She said. She caressed my hair and patted me. From her point of view, it was I who needed to be cuddled to be put to sleep.

And I did. She was not all that wrong! 🙂


A different life

A few days ago I was having a “get to know each other” chat with my new boss. “What are your career aspirations?”, he asked.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“I don’t know.”??? Seriously? I actually said that? To my boss? What was I thinking?? I wondered at my own reply, the moment it slipped out of my lips.

But that is the truth. I am enjoying what I do. I like the fact that it is mostly stress free. I get enough time with my kids. I would like to have a reasonable growth rate in my career and not fall behind everybody. But there is no finishing line.

When I told Vibhu about the conversation he was upset. “What kind of career stalling reply was that?”

“When  I fell for you, I had thought that you would be attending board room meeting in short skirts by this time. But look at you! You behave like a housewife working only for time pass.”

To tell you the truth, 12 years ago, that is the picture I had for myself too. Attending board room meetings in short skirts. Having a high-flying life. I even pictured my self divorced because I imagined no man will be able to take that. Kids were nowhere in the plan.

I am not sure why I had Venky. Probably because Vibhu surely wanted to be a dad and I was not sure that I did not want to be a mom. Plus all the moms of this country were making my life hell with baby demands. So, I thought I might as well have a baby and Venky arrived. And Bam! My whole life changed.

In between sleepless nights and diaper changing sessions I fell hard in love with the little man. I discovered that side of myself which I did not know existed. Everything else became insignificant compared to the new lovely world of parenthood.

So here I am. With two adorable kids. A working mom who wants a career, but a board room meeting is not my calling anymore. Playing with my kids is. And in between cuddles and kisses and hugs, dare I say that life is good? It is beautiful. It is a blessing. I am loving every moment it and I can only thank my kids for that.


Ulta Pulta

We are having dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant. Dim-sums arrive and the kids cannot wait to gulp it down. Tunmun starts cutting hers with the knife. As she struggles, I notice that she is using the wrong edge of the knife.

“Tunmun, tum ulta kaat rahi ho.” I say.

Tunmun promptly overturns the dim-sum and starts cutting again 🙂