My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood

Rockstar # 2


Years ago, this was the day when I christened my blog as “My little rock star”. Venky had started school and settled well. After 3.5 years, his sister started school a couple of weeks back. To say that she settled well, will be an under statement. There were absolutely no tears! We were able to leave her in the school from day 2 and she happily waved good-bye 🙂

Hence, it’s time to change the name again. My racket has become a rock star! 🙂

While she happily trotted into her school, I sighed and with mixed feelings told Vibhu “My last child has started going to school now”.  He just laughed. 🙂

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

5 thoughts on “Rockstar # 2

  1. Todays kids are far advanced.. hey na?? My niece waved good-bye from Day 1. N when my sis goes to pick her back, she starts crying.. these kids..

    is this what they call generation gap?? 8-|

    • 🙂 I guess it also has to do with how schools have changed. Now teachers are like confidantes and school is fun. There are no rules for sitting and silence too. If I had a school like that,I wouldn’t want to come back too.

      • True true.. 🙂 when my sis was in d phase of choosing a good school for her daughter, I had accompanied her to one or two.. And it always made my wonder at the new face of the schools.. 🙂

  2. Aww! She’s 3.5 already? how fast do these kids grow up?

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