My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood

Our Vacation


in Venky’s own words.


First in the morning I got up at 6 o’clock. Then I did my brush and breakfast. Called the taxi, went to the airport. Then we sat on a plane. We went to Kochi. From there we went to Maldives. From there we went to Paradise Island by a speedboat. Then we sat in a hotel. After sometime a person came and gave us a paper. Then we found out what is our room number. Our room number was 209. So we went to our room, wore our swimming gears and we went to the sea. The sea was light blue in color and there were no waves. It was a lagoon. Sometimes we went to the end of the lagoon and saw the waves crashing. Collected sea shells. Saw nurse sharks. A stingray. Went to our room took bath. Happily we went to eat lunch. So we used to make sandcastles. And so when 1 week had past it was time to go home. So we called the taxi. Went to the airport sat on a plane. Went to Kochi. From there we went to India.



What’s more, he typed it out too!  All I had to do was copy-paste 😉 Hence, please pardon all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I have left them as is, since I did not want to tamper his writing.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

6 thoughts on “Our Vacation

  1. this is sweet. I love reading kiddie essays. they’re so factual and simple. another good reason for mom to work… week long vacations 🙂

  2. vacation pics?

    Such a crisp and clear writer he is 🙂

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