My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood



What do you say to the siblings who are always racing to come “first” everywhere when they are climbing down the stairs?

“The one who reaches last will come first!”

Needless to say I am at my nerves end .



Rockstar # 2

Years ago, this was the day when I christened my blog as “My little rock star”. Venky had started school and settled well. After 3.5 years, his sister started school a couple of weeks back. To say that she settled well, will be an under statement. There were absolutely no tears! We were able to leave her in the school from day 2 and she happily waved good-bye 🙂

Hence, it’s time to change the name again. My racket has become a rock star! 🙂

While she happily trotted into her school, I sighed and with mixed feelings told Vibhu “My last child has started going to school now”.  He just laughed. 🙂


The sincere student

I was one, supposedly. The one who “liked” to study. Vibhu was not, supposedly. He does not read books because it reminds him of his “forced to study” days.

And I have no patience to make anyone study. I have dreaded that my kids will not get what I explain (which happens often with people) and I will be thoroughly frustrated.

So, today I explained to Venky about solar system. He was extremely excited about the concept. What’s more, he went to sleep memorizing the planets and their spellings. Please note that I did not ask him to.

Phew! Looks like this one is going to turn out to be the “sincere” one. 🙂


Now the pictures ….


Swing, swing, swing


Climb the tree


Swing, swing, swing


Beside the blue, blue sea


Run through the sands


And lie down too


Build sand castles


As good as true


Now I am a fish


Chilling in the sun


I feed my friends


Oh what fun!


And yes folks, we did see quite a few sharks!!!! 🙂


Our Vacation

in Venky’s own words.


First in the morning I got up at 6 o’clock. Then I did my brush and breakfast. Called the taxi, went to the airport. Then we sat on a plane. We went to Kochi. From there we went to Maldives. From there we went to Paradise Island by a speedboat. Then we sat in a hotel. After sometime a person came and gave us a paper. Then we found out what is our room number. Our room number was 209. So we went to our room, wore our swimming gears and we went to the sea. The sea was light blue in color and there were no waves. It was a lagoon. Sometimes we went to the end of the lagoon and saw the waves crashing. Collected sea shells. Saw nurse sharks. A stingray. Went to our room took bath. Happily we went to eat lunch. So we used to make sandcastles. And so when 1 week had past it was time to go home. So we called the taxi. Went to the airport sat on a plane. Went to Kochi. From there we went to India.



What’s more, he typed it out too!  All I had to do was copy-paste 😉 Hence, please pardon all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I have left them as is, since I did not want to tamper his writing.