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When the kids did just fine

In the absence of their parents.

Vibhu is out of town on an extended business trip and I had committed to a recruitment trip long ago. When Vibhu’s travel came up unexpectedly, we contemplated again and again and again about cancelling mine. It would be embarrassing and I would have to give that “I have small kids ….” excuse the umpteenth time. Finally, we decided that I should go too and let grandparents handle them for 3 days two nights (Ha, ha … they were the ones that wanted grand kids desperately, now go figure! 😉 )

To say that I was nervous is an understatement. I knew that the days would be alright with Venky in school and a dedicated nanny for Tunmun at home. I was worried about the evenings. With a high energy kid like Venky, you always have to be prepared for bloodshed. No, really! He is sitting right beside me as I write this post injured with his lips smashed against a car ( thankfully, a stationary one). You see, he was cycling with this eyes closed!!?! And with a stubborn toddler like Tunmun who must have her way, you have to be prepared for a relentless tantrum and high pitch howling. A lot of times that comes when you are in a hurry to get something done (like pack up Venky to bed as he has to wake up early for school, or get his homework done). The worst that could happen, is that one or both of them fall sick.  Then you have to be prepared for sleepless nights and puke at anytime without warning.

Well, thankfully none of those happened! Both Vibhu and I called up twice a day and found out that kids were well behaved, they were healthy and happy, they were playing and having fun and they were not missing us at all!

The grandparents looked triumphant on my return and made fun of our nervousness. Well.. well… they got lucky :p This is the first time either of the kids were away from both the parents. It’s a milestone!