My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood


Counter Threat

I lift my finger, “Tunmun! If you do not listen to me, I’ll lock you in the room.”

Tunmun lifts her finger with a menacing face, “Mommy! Then I’ll smudge your nail polish.”

And hence, I meekly withdraw

This one is for you Scribby 🙂


The joys of having a daughter

I’ve spent most part of the last decade with men, Vibhu and Venky. A question like “How do I look?” gets an answer like “Good.” 99% of the times. The other 1% Vibhu says “Horrible. You look so good without makeup, why do you need to put it on?” and Venky says “OK”. Yup, my son does not believe in hurting my feelings ;). That my workplace has only 10% females does not make this any better.

Needless to say, minor changes to my getup go unnoticed. Vibhu does not even realize that I have a piece of accessory even after I’ve worn it 100 times. But something great happened when I came back from office the other day. My two year old daughter said – “What are you wearing in your ear? Show!”

I could have died with happiness. Someone noticed my new earrings! I sat down for her to reach my ear and she admired it for a while. “Where’s mine?” was the next question 🙂

From then on, we’re a gang of girls. When I paint my nails I show her; when I don’t, she notices herself. She wants her nails painted too and I indulge her. Now we have a pedicure session between ourselves every sunday 🙂

Yesterday, I was trying out a new dress and was about to ask Vibhu my favourite question of “How do I look ?”, but before that my little D chirped “Wowww.. nice dress!” and then she showed off her dress to me too 🙂

It suddenly feels like college hostel days again 🙂 I can’t believe I was missing female company soooo much. I love, Love, LOVE having a daughter! And I can’t say that enough. 🙂