My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood



Venky graduated from Pre-primary. His school conducted the ceremony with all the fan fare. The teachers and lot of parents were getting all emotional. But I found all that quite funny. The kids looked extremely cute in their robes and caps. Like little harry potters.


Venky is really excited about becoming a big boy and moving to grade 1. Post summer vacation, he’ll be gone from 7.30 am to 4 pm. Can you believe it? This means that he’ll not get his afternoon nap and hence he’ll go to sleep early. Which means I’ll barely get to see my son on weekdays. That same little boy who demanded my attention 24X7. Alright, I know I am just doing the usual parent rant.

A few days ago, Vibhu asked me,

“How many years since you graduated from B.Tech?”

“12 years”.

“Seems like a flash, doesn’t it? Where have these years gone?”


“Do you know in how many years our son will go to college?”

I calculated, “TWELEVE years!!!”

“It’s pretty much tomorrow.” Vibhu smiled.

I have been pestering Venky with “How can you leave me and go?” ever since. To which Venky replies very patiently that everyone has to leave their parents to study and one cannot stay with parents forever. It also makes me realize that there is not too much time left to gather the money required for our kids’ higher studies and that we need to seriously start planning our finances now. We cannot continue to do “Oh! there’s a lot of time for that.” anymore.

I suddenly feel all grown up (along with Venky).