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Summer time and kids

I absolutely love summers. Yup, you read it right. I live in Hyderabad and I LOVE summers. And there’s why.

1. Summer means virus free months. Kids stay fit and healthy. No coughs, no runny noses, no fevers.
2. Summer means ice creams and juices and mangoes and lichees. All the stuff that kids love to eat and parents don’t mind feeding them. Life over mealtimes is easier
3. Summer means swimming pool. Great fun time activity for the whole family. Quality and bonding and fun times together.
4. Summer means sleeping peacefully at night without having to worry about covering kids up when they throw away their blankets/ sheets.
5. Summer means school vacations. No waking up early. Late night shakes and ice creams. Lots of fun and laughter. Trips to exotic locations and/or meeting family and friends.
6. Summer means nice sleevless and strappy dresses for my daughter which makes her look super cute.
7. Summer means son can do all the water play he likes and I don’t have to shout at him.

Summer means just so much more peace of mind! 🙂

What??? You are still not convinced? Huh! Wait till you have kids :p