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Where’s my baby ?


I know I have already done a post on this, but Venky’s flashes of maturity continue to surprise us.

The other day, we went shopping for Tunmun’s shoes. We finally landed in good old Bata (where else can you get good quality shoes with reasonable price !? ) and did quite a bit of shopping for ourselves. This included Venky’s shoes too.

At the billing counter, Venky suddenly realized something.

“Mommy, we have bought two shoes for Tunmun and only one shoe for me?”

Vibhu and I exchanged looks. We were in for trouble now.

“Yes.” I said, waiting for the tantrum to happen.

Venky pondered for a while and said,

“It’s OK. She is younger. She can have two.”

and he picked up  the shoe bags and carried them back to our car 🙂

                                           That’s my big boy waiting for his school bus.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

2 thoughts on “Where’s my baby ?

  1. Aww…Venky is a sweetheart…loved that mature reply 😀
    Lots of love to the little prince

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