My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood


Where’s my baby ?

I know I have already done a post on this, but Venky’s flashes of maturity continue to surprise us.

The other day, we went shopping for Tunmun’s shoes. We finally landed in good old Bata (where else can you get good quality shoes with reasonable price !? ) and did quite a bit of shopping for ourselves. This included Venky’s shoes too.

At the billing counter, Venky suddenly realized something.

“Mommy, we have bought two shoes for Tunmun and only one shoe for me?”

Vibhu and I exchanged looks. We were in for trouble now.

“Yes.” I said, waiting for the tantrum to happen.

Venky pondered for a while and said,

“It’s OK. She is younger. She can have two.”

and he picked up  the shoe bags and carried them back to our car 🙂

                                           That’s my big boy waiting for his school bus.


My Valentine’s Day

I am woken up by Tunmun (Yes, I don’t get up till one of my kids do). She picks her bottle from the side table and then snuggles into my arms to drink it. She finishes it and plays by herself for sometime while I catch on some more sleep. I think her patience with me runs over, so she comes to shake me up to wake me up. That is the time when I “smell” something. Now, this makes me sit up immediately. I check and find out that Tunmun’s potty has leaked into her pants.

So, my day starts with cleaning Tunmun’s potty and soiled clothes. I hand her over to Vibhu but he is not able to dress her up. My 1.5 year old daughter has a wardrobe crisis. She is not ready to wear any of the clothes we bring out.  Alright, at this age, she is going to wear what I WANT HER TO WEAR. Hence, I force her into clothes of my choice.

Result? Huge Tantrum. I give in. I become her slave. Tunmun turns on her “Tujhko banaya gaya hai mere liye…”  mode. My lap becomes her throne for the next 30 minutes. When Tunmun does get off, I realize that there is a 2nd round of potty cleaning awaiting me. Duh! Why can’t she do this when her nanny is around! I wash Tunmun again and that is when my savior – her nanny comes.

I rush to get dressed. I have to take Tunmun for vaccination. I call her ped’s hospital to find out the time when he’ll arrive. I want to catch him soon and then go to office. Rush, rush, rush and we reach the hospital. The ped’s smiling secretary informs that “he just left for the rounds”. Which means that I have to wait another 40 minutes for him to come back.

Tunmun starts getting restless. She spots a chocolate shop in the hospital (?! Welcome to the capitalist world) and throws tantrum for that again. Thankfully, I have brought my savior along and is pretty much handled by her.

The doctor finally comes in after 1 hour and gives her the shot. That is the start of bawling. The good doc offers her a lollipop. That makes her stop crying but from then on she sticks to me. My savior is carrying my bags now.

Back home. Tunmun is still sticking to me. It is already 12. I have to go to the office. The savior offers her some popcorn and she finally leaves me. I sneak out quickly and rush to the office.

The first thing I do in the office is write this post. And now I am going for lunch. They are going to fire me.

Here’s a picture of my boss (taken last year)

BTW, when Tunmun was getting restless in the hospital, Vibhu called me. Tunmun wanted the phone so I gave it to her. She quickly gave the phone back to me. Vibhu was still talking in the “baby tone” and he said “I love youuuuu”.

“It’s me.” I said, irritated.

“Yes.” , he said. “I am saying that to you.”  🙂

Happy Valentine’s day all. And you Vibhu and you Tunmun. And of course, you Venky 🙂


Venky says

In Madurai, while driving from airport to hotel

“Madurai looks very Indiaish


When I come back from shopping with stuff for me, Vibhu and Tunmun and nothing for him.

“It’s OK Mommy.”


When Venky makes his Dadu buy a gun after having bought quite a few toys on the previous day.

“Thank you Mommy for not daantoing me”

It’s such a wonder to watch a child grow! 🙂