My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood



My daughter’s lovely mane. The softest curls in the whole world. Her locks that she did not let us touch. The tresses that could be combed only while she was asleep. The hair which could not be washed without hell breaking loose in the bathroom.

Gone. The end of an era. They will probably never grow that long again in near future. That is, till she is big enough to care for them on her own and decides to grow them.

My daughter sobbed as the barber fell them one by one, but did not protest. She was soon pacified too. With the hair went her charming feminine side. Strangers started referring to her as “he”. She suddenly seemed more restless and naughty too. Was the hair weighing her down? She saw herself in the mirror and got upset and shouted at herself. 



Tunmun now keeps a commando like cloth tied on her head and pretends that it is her hair. 🙂



Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

7 thoughts on “Gone!

  1. In no time the sweet, soft curls will be back….tight hugs to the little Tunmun 😀

  2. Its true, my girl cut her xtremly long hair 2 years ago and now its almost as long as before.:) its a pity for the baby hair though, because that hair is really unique. I would also suggest investing in a detangler spray for the hair when its longer again. Saves tears and arguments and time…the head scarf looks really cute though…

  3. She looks so cute :).. with or without hair 🙂 I am surprised she let it go without protest..

    • I loved her hair. It was one of the softest things ever. But she used to get so cranky when it was combed or washed that we decided in favor of shaving it off 😦 I was surprised at her lack of protest too!

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