My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood



Not this blog silly! :p It is Venky. He moved out of our bedroom and has been sleeping with his grandmother now. This marks his final transition from babyhood.

How we moved him

“Venky, all big kids sleep with their grandparents. Even Tejas (neighbor kiddo and Venky’s BFF + rival) does.”

“Venky, who will take care of grandma if she gets scared at night?”

“Venky, we are going to switch off the light and no more sound because little sis is sleeping. If you sleep with Dadi though, she will tell you stories.”

“Venky, if you sleep with Dadi for a month. I’ll give you a bigggg gift.”

A combination of all the coaxing and motivation (read gift) worked.

Why we moved him

When asked to stop talking and sleep – “No! I will not sleep. I know that after I sleep off, both of you snuggle and talk softly. I also want to talk.” Vibhu and I exchange looks.

When asked by his dad to not let mommy come back from a wedding trip (where the kids and dad did not go) so that they can keep having fun – “But she is your wife papa. If she does not come back, who will you kiss?” Vibhu and I stare at him in shock.

Our bedtime before and after

Before – Venky is jumping and laughing all around. Tunmun is following him everywhere. I am dragging Tunmun by her leg and trying to put her to sleep. She cries and protests. Venky is wrestling with his dad meanwhile. I am shouting at them to quieten down as I have to put Tunmun to sleep. It is already 10 pm. I shut out the lights and thrust the bottle in Tunmun’s mouth. She dozes off. I put her in her crib and try to talk to Vibhu. Venky jumps right in our center “Wah. wah! I am supposed to sleep and you guys will talk?!” We stop talking and sleep off. We have no clue of when Venky slept.

After – Venky goes away to Dadi’s room. I bring Tunmun into the room. Change her clothes and oil her. She is already sleepy. I offer her the bottle and she sleeps off in 10 minutes. I check that it is only 9.30 pm. There is pin drop silence. Vibhu and I try to talk but run out of topics. I read a book for sometime, switch off the lights and sleep off…

 Sigh! Time to grow up as parents. For now, I am glad that least we have Tunmun with us.


When Venky led

Venky had a small fete day today in his school. Basically, it invloved music, visual art and sports with some goodies being sold for some charity. Dadi and I went with him for this event.

The moment we were inside his school, Venky took over.

“Mommy, this way.” He guided us to his class.

The class was crowded with other parents and children. Venky barged in. I hesitated as the door was blocked by someone.

“Come mommy, come.” Venky looked back and held out the hand.

The kids were singing their rhymes. Their teacher requested the parents to come up in front and join the children.

“Aaaaooo mommy.” Venky literally dragged me out of my shyness.

Venky guided us to other classes for visual arts and to his playground for race. He had been preparing me for that. “You’ll also have to run mommy.”

And so we ran, as he held my hand and pulled me along 🙂