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Jaisa tera pyaar


Waisa gussa hai tera. Tauba Tunmun. Tauba Tunmun.

Welcome Terrible Twos. Only, it arrives 6 months early. Now you dare deny Tunmun her wish! Depending on how much she wants her way, her tanturm falls into any of these buckets.

1. Make a face and sulk in a corner. This happens every five minutes. She looks damn cute when she does this and we all start laughing. This makes her forget her anger and she laughs too.

2. Bang head on anything close. Mostly it’s the sofa but sometimes it’s been the wall and the door. I can see this tantrum reducing so I guess Tunmun dear has learnt her lesson.

3. Lie down flat on floor and refuse to get up. Quite harmless, unless the tantrum is thrown in public places.

4. Howl on the top of the voice and just not relent to anything else other than the object of desire. Well, this one usually works in her favor. Yeah, yeah…I know what all the parenting books say. Just try standing around a howling baby!

Next 6 months are not going to be easy with Tunmun (as my experience with Venky stands). The tantrums peak and then come down during this phase. Thankfully, I only have to spend 4 waking hours with her on weekdays and it’s only on weekends that we feel the heat! God bless all the SAHMs!

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

4 thoughts on “Jaisa tera pyaar

  1. hahahah sitting this side and reading it feels it is all so cute πŸ™‚

    lol @ weekend sympathies with SAHMs πŸ™‚

  2. what’s your email id?

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