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Life wooshes by. Tunmun crosses one milestone after another and when I find time to catch a breath, it hits me. My daughter is fast growing up and the end of her babyhood is near. Over the past week, she has cut her morning nap and sleeps only for two hours during the day. She eats the exact same food that we do. No special preparations anymore. Understands most of the instructions and is good as expressing her self even without talking too much sense.

Venky has dropped the trainer wheels of his bicycle and is cruising on two wheels all over the colony. He climbs on our cars and hangs from the tree branches when no one is looking. I have finally managed to make him learn the hindi alphabets and can he read simple words (ending with a and aa). On that note – my MIL observed “How have the times changed! I used to be after my son to learn english and he would keep avoiding. You are after your son to learn hindi and he keeps running away!”

And finally, we saw a movie in the theatre along with both kids after almost 5 years! Night show of “RockStar” . It was a breeze. Tunmun slept as soon as the movie started and Venky loved to watch the movie on the big screen. Yayy! Hard work is over. The fun begins 🙂

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Someday, somewhere …

Venky is giving me a piece of his mind for being lazy (and answering the same old question of why he won’t move over to my side)

“What is this mommy. You don’t do anything. Papa has to do everything. He has to brush my teeth, wash my bum, get me ready for school!”

“Errr.. uhmm….” I think of a few things that I did for him and remind him about those.

“So what! But papa has to do most of the things. He has to take care of me . He has to take care of Tunnu. He has to take care of YOU.”

“Excuse me Mr. HOW does your papa take care of me? I do everything myself. Have you ever seen him brushing my teeth?”

“Uh…oh… Okey, now you are grown up, but when you were small like me, then papa used to do everything for you. Right papa?” Venky is not too sure about this one and looks up to his dad for support.

“No beta. I met your mommy after she was grown up. Her parents did all that for her.”

“That means I will not have to brush my wife’s teeth?” Venky extrapolates.

“No. Only once you marry and have babies, then you’ll have to take care of your babies. Like we do for you.”

“Where will my wife come from? Mommy’s tummy?”

“Uh… No.”

“Tunnu’s tummy?”

“No, no.”


“She is somewhere with her parents.”

“Then how will I meet her?”

“Once you grow up you will meet her someday.”


“Maybe where you work. Or maybe, in college.” I give the most obvious options.

“Work or college….” Venky ponders. He is not very convinced by the answer and turns to his dad for elaboration.

“When you grow up Venky, you’ll become a sceintist in NASA. You will discover life in other planets. When the girl alien from that far away planet will see you, she will fall in love with you. She will say, Venky, you are so handsome. Will you marry me?”

“Then what will I say papa?”

“You will say, let me ask my dad and get back!!!”

😀 😀 😀

Someday, somewhere, together you’ll be  baby. Take your time 🙂


Jaisa tera pyaar

Waisa gussa hai tera. Tauba Tunmun. Tauba Tunmun.

Welcome Terrible Twos. Only, it arrives 6 months early. Now you dare deny Tunmun her wish! Depending on how much she wants her way, her tanturm falls into any of these buckets.

1. Make a face and sulk in a corner. This happens every five minutes. She looks damn cute when she does this and we all start laughing. This makes her forget her anger and she laughs too.

2. Bang head on anything close. Mostly it’s the sofa but sometimes it’s been the wall and the door. I can see this tantrum reducing so I guess Tunmun dear has learnt her lesson.

3. Lie down flat on floor and refuse to get up. Quite harmless, unless the tantrum is thrown in public places.

4. Howl on the top of the voice and just not relent to anything else other than the object of desire. Well, this one usually works in her favor. Yeah, yeah…I know what all the parenting books say. Just try standing around a howling baby!

Next 6 months are not going to be easy with Tunmun (as my experience with Venky stands). The tantrums peak and then come down during this phase. Thankfully, I only have to spend 4 waking hours with her on weekdays and it’s only on weekends that we feel the heat! God bless all the SAHMs!