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The pre-diwali weekend

is a time for community bath






and painting diyas


and setting up lights






and some crackers too.




If all this is pre-diwali. What’s gonna happen on the D – Day? 🙂


When a 4 year old talks on phone

I am heading home for lunch from office. Venky has already arrived home from school. My phone rings. It’s a call from my home’s landline (Yes, Venky has learnt our cell phone numbers and learnt to apply them too). I pick up the phone.

“Mommy ?”
“Haan Beta.”
“Kahan ho?” (Venky knows I am supposed to be home for lunch)
“Bas aa rahe hain.”
“Ek important baat batana hai.”
“Nahin, ghar aao tab batayenge.”
“Arre! Important hai toh batao abhi phone pe.”
“Nahin Mommy. Bahoooot long story hai. Ghar aao tab batayenge.”

And he cuts the phone. I keep laughing till I reach home and then hear his loooong story in full details.

To cut the long story short – A boy pushed him into the school fish pond and he was dried up and his clothes were changed in school.


Changing sides

is what I have been trying to get Venky to do. Venky remains his Papa’s bhakt (disciple). I try hard. I bribe him sometimes. I remind him about times when his dad was mean to him and I came to his rescue. But so far, Vibhu has managed to have his unflinching support.

Of course, that was till miss T came along. Yesterday, Vibhu asked his favourite question

“Venky, beta.. who do you love the most?” (This question is always asked in the true mirror mirror on the wall style)

“Tunnu”. Pat, came the reply (Yeah, move over dad. Cinderella is here now)

Vibhu in visible shock – “Whaaaaa…..How can you do this to me? Are you sure?”

“Yes Papa. 1st is Tunnu, but after that it is you.” And Venky got busy in his play

“Wait.. wait… how can you do this to me?”

Can someone tell my husband not to compete with his 1 year old daughter ? :p

Me .. Oh, I am celebrating. It’s going to be easier to displace him from the 2nd position than from the first 😉