My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood


Pics from Singapore

                                            Kids can sleep anywhere

                                                                 Venky at Zoo

                                       Tunmun at Sentosa Island (While Venky went for a ride)

                         Venky at Sentosa Island (while Tuns plays with his ball at the far end)

Kids can ride anything









Two is more fun than one 🙂


Hieght of emulation

Venky is playing cricket in our living room. The cricket ball goes under the TV unit. Venky lies down flat on his stomach trying to find the ball.

Tunmun sits down near the TV unit and pushes her ball under it. Then she excitedly lies down flat on her stomach trying to find the ball


What an August!

Lots of ups and downs and incredibly busy!

August started with the monsoon viral fever for Tuns. The fever shot up to 105 and wouldn’t come down. The paed suggested that we hospitalize her. My little girl was given several injections and put on a drip :(. It took 4 days for her fever to go away. Thankfully all the tests were negetive was the fever was just viral. But that left my girl cranky and weak. Took another week to fully recover. Ofcourse, she passed it on to her brother. But he fought it off in a couple of days with fever not going beyond 100. That’s my rock star!

This was followed by a great Rakhi get together at my place. Venky and Tuns had a great time with their cousin and we had with ours. Lots of laughter, gossip, leg pulling, yelling.

This was followed by another round of monsoon viral fever for both kids but the fever was under control this time and went away quickly.

Work piled up while I was fire fighting at the home front. So, next two weeks were practically spent in office and I could get home only after 8 pm. Phew!

But all’s well that ends well.

We went off to Singapore during the last week of August and had an awesome, awesome time! Kids kept fit, fine and cheerful. Venky was absolutely well behaved and we realized that he has now become an asset during travel (he pulled a carry on baggage all through the airports!) In short, we had a blast :). Pictures coming up in the next post.

Hopefully, Septembet will be calmer and I’ll be able to put up more posts.