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School Ahoy!


Venky’s school is teaching him all about “family”. Come monday, he had to go dressed up like one of the family members (other than him) to the school. He chose to be his favourite “Papa”.  We made him wear a formal looking check shirt and put on glass frames and dummy moustache as props (Damn! I forgot to take a picture 😦 ). Now if you made Vibhu and Venky stand side by side, Venky was looking like a miniature of Vibhu :D. Venky had been a little unwell over the weekend so we had let him oversleep on Monday so Vibhu dropped him a little late to his classroom. Vibhu told me that as soon as Venky entered his class, he got a “hooty welcome”. His class roared with a  loud “Awwwww”.

Now, why am I writing this post?

1. Because this incident tells me that Venky has gelled with his class. He is a shy kid. He is also the youngest in his class. Whenever, I have visited his school in his class setting for other events, I found him a little aloof and not really friends with his classmates. Now, he seems to be a part of the gang.

2. It made me miss school like crazy. The huge gang of girls. The feeling of “yahan ke hum sikandar”.  The endless talks, laughs, banter. Now, the introvert that I am, I hardly have any close friends in the city. Life is too busy between office and kids to make any or to invest time on the old ones. More than the friends, I miss that kind of friendship where you were able to open your heart out to your friends. Sigh!

Here’s a song dedicated to the good old days.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

5 thoughts on “School Ahoy!

  1. ditto on point number two.. especially the feeling ;yahan ke hum sikander’ 🙂

    damn you forgot to click the pic 😦

  2. I so miss having a bunch of friends to hang out and not having to make a special effort to meet up or keep in touch.. It just happened so naturally. And yup, making new friends, let alone keep in touch with old ones, has become a task now.. and mind you, i don’t even have kids and I’m already complaining. I keep thinking that maybe once I have kids, I might make friends with other moms…

    • One does before friendlier to other moms. But it is more like chit-chat and discuss baby stuff. Not really share-your-secrets type 😦

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