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Memoirs of my mommyhood

Bad mom or Bindaas mom ?


Ever since Tunmun has learnt to walk, that is all she wants to do. Usually, after I am back from office, she likes to be outside the house and I let her walk on the colony roads. A couple of days ago, she sat down on the pavement and I took the opportunity to look away and talk to somebody. Tunmun probably tried to pick something from the ground and fell nose-long on the road. The results are here for you to see 😦

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

7 thoughts on “Bad mom or Bindaas mom ?

  1. Awww! Poor kiddo. Hope it’s just a small scrape.

    I suppose it can’t be helped. I used to fall down all the time as a kid. I even had to be kept in the hospital for observation one time when I was about 4. I must have scared my parents pretty badly too… When I read your blog I’m reminded that I want to be a mom but also remember every single thing I dread about it!

  2. I did not really bother much :). Just washed her and put some savlon. But it looked pretty bad the next day. And everybody who she met went Tch tch 🙂 But I can’t help feeling “I wish I had not looked away”

  3. It’s nothing to do with you mommy 🙂 It’s good for children to fall sometimes..I mean with a minimal hurt that is…how will they remember their childhood then? 🙂 so cheer up and kisses to sweetie pie on the nosey 🙂 she’ll be fine soon !

  4. Oh dear. Give her sore nose a little kissie from me! Sorry, but I LOLed at nose-long!!

    I remember once standing next to this elderly American couple. The wife was distressed watching a little toddler tumbling down frequently. Her husband’s take on it, “That’s why babies are built so close to the ground, so they don’t get badly hurt every hundred times they fall to the ground!”

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