My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood


The poor pink Teddy Bear

Venky is a rough and tough  little boy. He has never been interested in soft toys. So, when he brought Tunmun’s pink Teddy and asked “Mommy can I play with this Teddy Bear?”, I was geninuely surprised.
“Finally!” I thought. “He is getting in touch with his gentle side.”

“Of course you can!”

Venky held out the Teddy and kicked him up in the air again and again! 😐


Oooo Ha ha ha ha

I make a scary face. Curl my fingers in a paw, wriggle them around Tunmun’s face and let out a hoarse “OOOO HA HA HA HA”
Tunmun watches me intently. She laughs and squeals. And comes right back with
“Ooo Aa Aa Aa aa”

Can someone please teach her the difference between scary and funny?


Sense of humour

The first couple of years of parenthood are so consuming that we don’t even imagine that this “perpetually clinging thingie which needs us for basics like feeding, pooping, sleeping” is actually an individual. Then suddenly one day you realize that the thingie has a sense of humour too!

We’ve often warned Venky of the dangers of venturing out alone and getting friendly to strangers. One story that we often use to emphasise the dangers of kids not listening to their parents esp. outside homes is that of Nemo (God bless Disney). So any stranger who can kidnap kids is now a “diver”.

Yesterday, after lunch the kids were playing outside in the garden. Tunmun, who has recently learnt to walk was exploring the flora with unstable steps and I was closely following her. Suddenly, I could not see Venky. So, I shouted for him

“Venky, where are you?”

From somewhere a voice came “I am lost!”

“What !?! ”

“Yes, I am lost. The diver has kidnapped me!”

Out came Venky jumping

“Ha ha ha Mommy. I was only hiding”

I was laughing too. My son has become old enough to tease me. He’s become my friend. When did this transition from clingy, whiny thingie to an independent, funny boy happen? How could I miss it? Isn’t he growing up too fast? 🙂