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Memoirs of my mommyhood

What Mommyhood has taught me


Tag is going around. Now that I have been a mom for 4 years, I guess I could reflect on the lessons from this experience

Hmmm.. so let me think

1. Mommyhood has taught me PAITENCE. When Vibhu reads this, he will say “Hah, you have miles to go!” Yes, that is true. But I have come miles from starting point too.

2. Mommyhood has taught me that ego is bullshit. That a kiss and hug can make you feel far better than your nose high up in the air. That a geniune apology can take away all grudges. That forgivness can lift all the weight from your heart.

3.Mommyhood has taught me that goal of life is to be happy. That happiness can be found in small things. That there are little joys all around us. Especially with kids around, we get our daily quota of hearty laughs 🙂

4.Mommyhood has taught me that I don’t owe anything to my parents. As an Indian I was raised to believe that parents do so much for us so we should be eternally grateful to them. That they are next to Gods. I always held myself guilty for hurting them if I did not do things according to their liking (which unfortunately are many). Mommyhood has absolved me of all the guilt. Phew! Now I  know that parents get back (in terms of joys) for their hard work while their kids are growing up. So there is no need to feel bad if we cannot meet their expectations once we are adults. Isn’t that a great feeling to have? 🙂

5. Mommyhood has taught me to take care of myself. Now there are 2 souls completely dependent on me. The rash, wild days are over. I have to eat healthy and exercise to stay fit. Who is going to take care of two restless brats if I am lying on the bed?

And finally, Mommyhood has taught me that 24 hrs in a day are not enough! 🙂

Over to you, other mommys.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

9 thoughts on “What Mommyhood has taught me

  1. Totally with you on Point 4. Been reflecting a lot on it these days.

    • I read somewhere that “Children are brought into this world through you, but they are not yours to posess”. Indian parents need to stop treating their children as investments.

  2. “Mommyhood has taught me that I don’t owe anything to my parents.” I love it!

    • Really. Its funny how after crossing this parenthood line all my guilts got absolved. And to think my parents would have thought that I would appreciate them more once I became a parent myself. LOL 😀

  3. how true !! all the learning you’ve listed here are so true MoRS !!!

  4. Guilty on point 5 😦
    Wish I had the drive to make me eat healthy and exercise.
    But I just SO love food and loathe work-outs!!

    Nice to read up on your Mommyhood lessons. Wonderful insight on point 4.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I am not so disciplined about excercise, but try to do it as far as I can (esp since I even need to shed at least 15 kgs). Eating – I am a foodie too. But stick to once a week restaurant eating and make sure that the home food is little oil and spice (there is no other way out with 2 small kids too 🙂 )

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