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Tunmun turns one


Dear Tuns,

You have all of us bestotted, i.e your dad, your grandparents, your brother, even your nanny (and me ofcourse). We cannot tire of discussing how cutely you wave bye. How adorable you look when you clap your hands, tap your feet and sway your hips to the chants of “sita ram, sita ram“. How smart you are and how you have picked up saying “hello” on the phone on your own.

When I wake up, the sight of you smiling at me with a twinkle in your eye makes my day. The moment I open my sleep laden eyes, I see you looking at me fully awake. You smile and squeal and are ready to go. And from then on there is no stopping you. You crawl over, wake your dad, wake your brother, get off the bed and start creating your mayhem 🙂

And you are such a “chator“. You like all the spicy stuff! You get absolutely angry if you are not given that hot curry that we are having for our meals. You are going to be a pucca Telugu! 🙂

Your Ayamma dressed you up like a Telugu girl on your birthday and you looked so adorable. Here’s a picture of you with your dadu.

We kept your birthday small by taking you to the temple and making kheer for you. Your bhaiya made you a card.

See those two figures in purple? That is your bhaiya hugging you (he has long hands like kanoon ) 🙂

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

4 thoughts on “Tunmun turns one

  1. Happy birthday Tunmun!

    She looks super cute with rasgollas in her cheeks 🙂 I think daddy’s going to have an even harder time saying no to this one as she grows up. I don’t think bhaiya’s lambe haath are going to be much help either so stay strong mommy 😉

    • Aiyooo. I am banking on Bhaiya big time to do my bit of keeping “evil” guys away as she grows up :D. Yep, daddy is totally wrung around her tiny finger. I don’t have much hope there!

      • Father’s and daughters… (Rolls eyes) My brother sees my dad’s pampering in a whole new light now that he has a daughter of his own!

        Big brothers are quite capable of keeping evil guys away but that’s the least of all troubles coming up, no? Sometimes, I wonder what I’ll do if we end up having a daughter like me. But let me cross that bridge if and when it comes…

        • Oh, I was a terrible teenager (and an adult). I fear too that my kids will be like me starting teenage “What you do in this life, comes back to you in this life itself.” Bracing up for that!

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