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Memoirs of my mommyhood

Happy birthday Venky

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4 years gone. Suddenly you are a big boy. Not a baby anymore.

This year, you became our friend. We have two way conversations now. Simple instructions are not what you like. You need to be convinced and reasoned with. But once done, you do follow the instructions.

Will power has taken a dip, but you are still doing well. Just that you need more convincing. Especially when it comes to cartoons. Speaking of cartoons, you have become a Chotta Bheem and Ben 10 fan. You swirl everything (books, toys, clothes) on top of your head and throw it on a tangent in true Chotta Bheem style. Ben 10 is more of a peer pressure thing right now. I don’t think you understand any of it but you are a fan nonetheless.

On the same note, you know who is Dhoni bhaiyya, Sachin bhaiyya ( and who made first one day double century and where ), Raina bhaiyaa. You can tell a ball from spin, yorker, full toss, googly. Thanks to your dad for that. You also rock in maths. Thanks to my gene for that 😉

You coninue to be sharing. In fact, we sometimes get tired of your philanthrophy. You readily give away your chocolates and other goodies to your best friend Tejas. You have seamlessly slipped into the big brother role. I had heard a lot about sibling rivalry. It remains something that I have only heard of. Your sister and you already bond so well, if you could only be a little more gentle with her! But you are a boy alright. Restless and full of energy. My risk taker. Only “dangerous” things and animals catch your fantasy. Like sharks, lions, dianosaur, dragons. No story is complete without a dragon in it. And you only like to color “carnivorous” animals 🙂

Making you eat still remains a challenge. And so does making you sleep. Hopefully, by the next birthday post, you would have conquered them.

Love you,

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

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