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Happy birthday Venky

4 years gone. Suddenly you are a big boy. Not a baby anymore.

This year, you became our friend. We have two way conversations now. Simple instructions are not what you like. You need to be convinced and reasoned with. But once done, you do follow the instructions.

Will power has taken a dip, but you are still doing well. Just that you need more convincing. Especially when it comes to cartoons. Speaking of cartoons, you have become a Chotta Bheem and Ben 10 fan. You swirl everything (books, toys, clothes) on top of your head and throw it on a tangent in true Chotta Bheem style. Ben 10 is more of a peer pressure thing right now. I don’t think you understand any of it but you are a fan nonetheless.

On the same note, you know who is Dhoni bhaiyya, Sachin bhaiyya ( and who made first one day double century and where ), Raina bhaiyaa. You can tell a ball from spin, yorker, full toss, googly. Thanks to your dad for that. You also rock in maths. Thanks to my gene for that 😉

You coninue to be sharing. In fact, we sometimes get tired of your philanthrophy. You readily give away your chocolates and other goodies to your best friend Tejas. You have seamlessly slipped into the big brother role. I had heard a lot about sibling rivalry. It remains something that I have only heard of. Your sister and you already bond so well, if you could only be a little more gentle with her! But you are a boy alright. Restless and full of energy. My risk taker. Only “dangerous” things and animals catch your fantasy. Like sharks, lions, dianosaur, dragons. No story is complete without a dragon in it. And you only like to color “carnivorous” animals 🙂

Making you eat still remains a challenge. And so does making you sleep. Hopefully, by the next birthday post, you would have conquered them.

Love you,


Gender wars

Venky is willing to give away his last piece of mentos. Both Vibhu and I are vying for it. Venky convinces his dad to let me have it
Ladki hai na. Rone lagegi“. 😮

Should I change the name of this blog to “My little chauvanist” ?

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Dear DIL,

Soon after I got married, my MIL showed me stuff from my husband’s childhood. Pictures, his sketches and stories related to them. She also had his recording on an audio tape (voice recordings in my era were done on an electromagnetic tape). So I was made to hear how Vibhu could say “Sparrow” and count till 20 at 1 + X years. I had no clue what a child of that age was capable of doing so I acted awed even though I was bored ( does a newly married bride have a choice? ).

For a couple of years after that, whenever MIL visited, she would tell me stories from Vibhu’s childhood that essentially established how he was super intelligent (not that I doubted it, I didn’t fight the world to marry a dumb man ). One of such stories was

“One day when Vibhu was 1.5 years old I made him sit on the stone stairs of our verandah during summers. He immideately got up and said thanda! (cold). I knew at that time that my son was very intelligent because no child at such an young age can differentiate hot/cold senstation and even name it (even though he said the opposite)”

Then Venky came along. By the time he was one year old, MIL started comparisons between him and Vibhu. And for the first time MIL and I were at loggerheads. Both fighting to prove whose son was smarter. By the time Venky was 1.5 year old, he could say hot for hot objects and cold for cold ones. Yessss! I reminded dear MIL of the “thanda” story that she had told me multiple times to prove her son’s super intelligence. MIL accepted defeat and from that point on the whole family unanimously accepts that my son is smarter than my MIL’s son. Hardly a surprise; it was pretty obvious from day one that he has my brains ;).

So Dear DIL, just like ragging I had to pass this “my son is super intelligent” rant on. And so I started this blog. I am just gonna make you read all this. Heh heh.

And just so that you have a reference to compete against let me tell you that Venky is able to do mulitiplications (at few days short of 4 years). Yeah, you read that right. Vibhu threw him a “Mommy give you 2 chocs every day, how many chocs you have in 5 days?” Venky took out five fingers, counted 2 on each and simply said 10!  We verified it again and again to make sure it was not a fluke but my son definately rocks in maths!

Darling DIL, you are up for some serious competition. All the best! 😉


Tunmun – Updates

Tunmun is all over the house. And we are behind her.

She is crawling up the stairs. Pulling those wires. Reaching everything that is not edible and putting it in her mouth. And CRYING HARD when you don’t let her do what she wants to do! I had realised early on that Tunmun has a mind of her own, but now I know that she is also hell bent on doing her own thing!!!

That said, she’s become such an adorable little baby that I never tire of cuddling her. But she pushes me and fights hard to be let down so that she can continue creating a racket.

Tunmun has recently learnt to say “bye”. She moves all her fingers up and down and says “bubba bubba”. And who does she love saying bye most to? Herself in the mirror 🙂

Bhaiya contiues to be the friend, philosopher and guide. They have started enjoying each other’s company already. One day Vibhu woke me up in the morning ( okey, it was past 8 ) and showed me that my two kids were already up and playing with each other without disturbing me.

I couldn’t help smiling like a content cat :). Like I am doing right now while writing this post.