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Achievable Goals

Venky has been preparing for some event in his school. We are supposed to visit this friday. He has been excited about it and pretty much reminds us every day that both “mamma” and “papa” have to come to school.

Today, he brought back a formal invitation card from his school inviting us to this event. I tried to coax him to tell me what he was doing.

“No, I cannot tell you now. You have to come and see.”, said my secretive son.

But it’s a little difficult for a 3.5 year old to hold a secret when his mother is so curious.

“I am going to tell the story of a beautiful butterfly.”

“What story?”

Venky recited a great story about how a caterpillar ate and ate. Then it had stomach ache and it went to sleep. The caterpillar’s house broke and it became a beautiful butterfly.

“That is why you should not eat too much, else you will get a stomach ache.”, said I

“But Bina kaki gives me so much to eat!”

Ooops! I told a fussy eater to not eat too much!!! What a blunder! I tried to make some repairs

“So, that you can become a beautiful butterfly some day.”

“Why butterfly?”

“Don’t you want to become a beautiful butterfly?”

“Huh? No! I want to be a human being