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Student Led Conference (SLC) and how we got there

Yeah. That is what the event at Venky’s school was called.

As I have recounted in my previous post, Venky was super duper excited. He brought home an invitation card (made by him) which said that our time slot was 11.00 am. So, on the day of the event, after bath and breakfast I dressed Venky into home clothes and asked him to kill some time with his neighborhood friend Tejas. Both boys ran around in and out of my house and that of our neighbor’s while I got ready.

I asked my maid to iron my pants and suddenly there was a shriek. Venky and Tejas had somehow landed in the room where ironing was being done and Venky had touched the hot iron with a finger.  Ice was brought out and damage was inspected , which was not much. But Venky was howling. With only 20 minutes left to start for school, I was now in a fix.

I asked Venky to keep his hand dipped in a bowl of cold water.  After 10 minutes he said he was fine. So, I started to get Venky change into his uniform. And there he was, howling again “My finger is burning! I don’t want to go to school”.

Since Venky was so looking forward to this day, I really did not want to ditch this event. But time was running out. The burning sensation returned everytime Venky took his hand out of the water.

Eureka! I put some chilled water in Venky’s water bottle and asked him to keep his hand dipped into it while I drove him to the school. The event was running late and we had to wait for another half hour for our turn. So, Venky got some more time to keep his hand in water and by that time, the burning sensation died down. His teachers helped in lifting his spirits by giving him a star and offtering toffees.

Then it was our turn into Venky’s classroom. Venky explained all the counting and reading activities to me. Hopped on the reverse counting number ladder. Explained the callerpillar to butterfly and seed to tree lifecycle. Showed his portfolio. And finally gave me a “Thankyou for coming” hand print card.

By the time we got out, Venky had completely forgotten about his finger and was instead focussing on making me buy a chocolate for him. We left home excited 🙂

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Achievable Goals

Venky has been preparing for some event in his school. We are supposed to visit this friday. He has been excited about it and pretty much reminds us every day that both “mamma” and “papa” have to come to school.

Today, he brought back a formal invitation card from his school inviting us to this event. I tried to coax him to tell me what he was doing.

“No, I cannot tell you now. You have to come and see.”, said my secretive son.

But it’s a little difficult for a 3.5 year old to hold a secret when his mother is so curious.

“I am going to tell the story of a beautiful butterfly.”

“What story?”

Venky recited a great story about how a caterpillar ate and ate. Then it had stomach ache and it went to sleep. The caterpillar’s house broke and it became a beautiful butterfly.

“That is why you should not eat too much, else you will get a stomach ache.”, said I

“But Bina kaki gives me so much to eat!”

Ooops! I told a fussy eater to not eat too much!!! What a blunder! I tried to make some repairs

“So, that you can become a beautiful butterfly some day.”

“Why butterfly?”

“Don’t you want to become a beautiful butterfly?”

“Huh? No! I want to be a human being