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We hear what we want to

especially, from Tunmun. The story teller that she is, Tunmun is always making some sounds comprised randomly of syllables Na, ma. pa, ya ,da etc.

Tunmun says “papapapapapa” and Vibhu declares she is calling him
Tunmun says “mammah” and I declare that she is calling me
Tunmun says “Aaaaayaah” and Venky thinks she is saying “Bhaiya”

This is what takes the cake. Tunmun’s part time nanny said that she can call her name – “Waheeda”. WHAT? Tunmun can say “Waheeda???”
Turns out Tunmun can say “Aadaaah”. There! she is saying “Waheeda” proved her nanny with a smile 🙂

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Tunmun is crawling (and falling). My little girl became mobile on 18th Jan 2011. Mark the date dear grandmom, it is 5 days short of her 8 month mark. Now my grabber is going to bring the whole house down! 🙂

P.S – Grandmom is asked to mark the date because she had christined Tunmun as “Lodh baba”. Tunmun had not taken her first roll till 6 months of age!

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It’s Different!

Venky has been taught is school to spot out the different member from a group. Vibhu keeps asking him to find out ” what is different ” from a group (of usually 3 things). He is also made to explain why the thing that he picked is different.

It is a very interesting game as Venky often finds those things different that 90% of the adults will not and is also able to give his own logical explanation for it. Here are some examples

“What is different among Mommy, Tunmun and Papa?”
90% adults – Papa,  becuase he is a male and the other two are female.
Venky – Tunmun, because she is small and other two are big.

“What is different among sock, baniyan and Tee shirt?”
90% adults – Socks, because it is worn on feet while the other two are worn on the upper half of the body
Venky – Tee shirt, because other two are inner wear and Tee is an outer wear.

“What is different among chicken, fish and cauliflower?”
90% adults – Cauliflower because other two are animals and cauliflower is a vegetable.”
Venky – Cauliflower because fish and chicken are yummy and cauliflower is not!

We’ve also suddenly found out that Venky can do additions and substractions. “I give you 2 chocs and mommy gives you/ takes away another 1, how many do you have now?” kind of questions – Venky gives correct answers. We thought at first that it was his random guess that got right. But he did it again and again and again and again. He hasn’t been taught addition/substraction at school yet and we have not taught him too. My rock star learnt it on his own 🙂