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Conversation with 3.5 year old

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Conversation as it happened between Venky and Vibhu, on the way to Venky’s school bus pick up point at 7.30 am

Venky and Vibhu meet our next door neighbor who is walking his dog.
“Papa, I am not afraid of that dog”
“Wow, you are a very brave boy Venky!”
“Papa, do you know why I am not afraid of the dog?”
“Because you just ate your breakfast and you are strong now?”
“No, because uncle is holding the dog’s leash. It cannot bite me!”

A few houses down the line
“Papa, I am not afraid of this dog too.”
“Because it is behind the gate of that house, it cannot come out and bite me.”

Okey.. Vibhu gets the pattern now. Still more houses down the line, they come across a house with a pet parrot. The parrot’s cage is hanging in the balcony.
“Papa, I am not afraid of that parrot too!”
“Because it is inside the cage?”
“Noooooo Papa! Because it is HERBIVOROUS !!” 

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

One thought on “Conversation with 3.5 year old

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